Building an online presence to boost your business doesn’t just end with creating a website and social media accounts.

To meet your business goals, you have to stick with strong online marketing strategies.

To help you dominate your business online, here are 10 proven-and-tested digital strategies that help companies improve their performance by bringing in more leads and increasing sales.

1. Create a website with a strategically-driven web design

Web design is a marketing tactic that impacts the amount of time and attention your visitors will spend on your page. Because of this, you should make your website the centre of your digital marketing efforts.

Invest in web design and hire a web design team that gets things done. To captivate your readers, make sure that your site is modern, well-organised, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly.

2. Use search engine marketing and optimisation to your advantage

Make your website rank on search engine results with strong search engine marketing and optimisation strategies. By having an SEO-optimised website, you will appear more credible, and your potential customers will be able to see your products and services a lot faster and easier.

3. Start affiliate and associate programs

One way of achieving digital business growth is by starting affiliate and associate programs. This works by connecting with the right people who will help you reach your target audience and promote what you offer effectively on a commission-based platform.

4. Work with a marketing coach or consultant

Dominating the industry online requires effective digital and internet marketing. To attain this, it’s best to seek help from a skilled internet marketing coach or consultant to receive a helpful consultation to make your business a success.

5. Use email marketing

Part of online marketing is sending out emails to your potential and current customers. For this approach to be effective, your messages should cater to their needs. You should assess the purchasing habits of your target audience and customers and use that information to create your strategy.

6. Set up an opt-in email list

While social media is the modern norm for most businesses, email is still considered as the best medium to communicate with your customers. To maximise your marketing value, create an opt-in email list that allows your potential and current customers to sign up to receive regular updates about your business via email.

7. Get featured on articles or news stories

Gain wider exposure by getting your business featured on articles and news stories with the help of a public relations professional. This will establish you as a reliable expert in the industry and introduce your business to an even broader base of people.

8. Produce online press releases

Media sources are always on the lookout for stories. By sending over online press releases to different media outlets, you have better chances of allowing newspapers, magazines, and blogs to write posts about your business.

9. Conduct contests and giveaways

Holding contests and giveaways are a fun and exciting way to motivate people to support your product or service. When done correctly, this kind of promotion will be effective in increasing your sales.

10. Start a blog

Maintaining a blog not only helps in consistently posting new keywords and optimising your search engine strategy but also allows you to build trust and connect with your customers. Make sure that your optimised content is meaningful and helpful to your readers.

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With the rise of internet users, the best way to reach out to your customers is through internet and digital marketing. This method will only be effective if you work with a team that is more than capable of creating an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and interactive website that increases your leads and sales.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Perth to help you drive traffic to your website, then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. We look forward to serving you!