For any business to stay viable, creating and retaining new customers via a strong lead generation strategy is the key to success.

Boost your sales and reach your marketing campaign’s full potential by using our suggested Lead Generation tips in your next campaign.

1. Quality trumps quantity

Do you ever click an interesting headline, only to be bogged down with pages and pages of words? There could be an amazing insight that is drowning in unnecessary information. You have a finite amount of time to grab the viewer’s attention and retain it, so be succinct and craft it well.

2. The Importance of targeted content

Identify your target market and tailor your content accordingly. Be specific to your demographic, rather than a globalised ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. After all, it’s no use aiming your ‘Buy our Beef Jerky’ campaign towards vegans!

3. Aim for the ‘Share’ reaction

This is where the term ‘going viral’ stems; when people like something enough, the more likely they are to share it, which in turn extends the reach of your content. Sharing = more readers! Include links and social share widgets in your content to make it easy for your readers to share with friends and colleagues.

4. Nurture your Social Media audience

Social media is king when it comes to reaching your leads directly. You are building trust and opening a dialogue with a potential client, who are then likely to come straight to you when they are ready to buy. Share content such as blog posts, links and sale offers as a fast way to get people clicking onto your site. Build a following that recognises your expertise. Again, they are more likely to trust you as a supplier once a relationship is established. Join groups and pages that are related to your field. Be consistent with your posts and stay active. Facebook and Instagram algorithms limit your reach, so aim to post daily or as often as possible.

5. Everyone loves a freebie

Offering opt-in freebies, such as a free ebook in exchange for an email address, are literal lead magnets. There are many companies offering ebooks these days, so ensure yours is of a high quality with relatable content. Other ideas include a workbook, checklists or planners, but use something that would benefit your reader. Ensure your branding is obvious so they always know which business created it.

While we’re on the subject…

6. Keep branding consistent

First impressions count, but good branding lasts. Your logo, colour schemes, fonts and even your voice should reflect who you are as a company. The biggest companies in the world are easily recognised. Think Coca-Cola red, Tiffany blue or the famous golden arches of McDonald’s; as a customer, you always know where you are. Your landing page and all related content should use your company branding to make it clear that the page and material are yours.

7. Email marketing and how to avoid the Junk folder graveyard

Have an opt-in plan when it comes to your email marketing plan and be strategic about the frequency. Badgering your client list with offers every hour is the fastest way to lose them, so keep your emails to once a week or fortnightly. Include relevant discount offers, a clear call-to-action button and a link to a landing page; a quick inbox check can generate a solid lead.

8. Use a variety of marketing channels

While one person prefers a 20 second Facebook video, another is happy to read through an emailed ‘Top Ten’ list. The best way to reach your leads is to utilise a variety of formats with multiple ways to view your content. They are more likely to see it if it’s presented in a way that suits them.

9. Your CTA needs to SHOUT

If your Call-to-action is a simple hyperlink, you could be missing out on a tonne of potential leads. Make it easy for your clients by having a clear, obvious button that screams ‘CLICK ME!’ Sometimes we just can’t help but push the red button.

10. Track and analyse your leads

Like any investment, you’ll need to track quantifiable data to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. Are the majority of your leads coming via your marketing campaign or social media hits? By carefully tracking this data, you can direct your money to where it is most beneficial. There is a plethora of software out there available depending on your needs, such as Google Analytics, HubSpot or Salesforce customer relationship manager (CRM).

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