Every year, we experience new trends in the digital landscape, and there’s no doubt that 2022 will be the same. With that being said, it’s important to be aware of the new and unexpected trends that will be popping up next year so that you can build the foundation for your marketing campaigns.

While all the trends have been groundbreaking, there’s still no doubt that every business will have to swim through the learning curve. But by being familiar with the various trends that will steal the spotlight this year, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find ways to incorporate these ideas. 

Of course, if you want to lead them back next year and produce effective marketing campaigns, it’s always a good idea to collaborate with a digital marketing agency that’s aware of the trends and how to incorporate them into your brand. 

If you’re curious to know which trends will be breaking the internet, keep reading. Here are the digital marketing trends of 2022 that you should take note of:

Trend #1: Short, DIY Videos

TikTok has been creating waves in the digital world and will start to steal the spotlight in 2020. Because of this, it has shifted the focus of users from well-curated feeds and photo grids to short videos. For this reason, Instagram and YouTube have adopted this as well.

Short videos allow content creators to create videos that don’t consume time but have enough to engage with the viewer. This could help learn a new topic, dance, join a challenge, or even run polls or surveys. 

Trend #2: Tell and Share a Story

The best way to have an effective marketing campaign or post content that will result in more interactions and engagement is by sharing a real story. Trust us—when you share a story, you’re able to pull the public’s heartstrings and touch your audience in a more personal way. When this happens, they will eventually gravitate towards you and your brand. 

By sharing a genuine story, you encourage your brand to be front-and-centre into the minds of your consumers, depending on the issue you put a spotlight on. When they think of a certain issue, you’ll be the first in their minds. 

Trend #3: Create User-Centric Content

With the chaos that we’ve all faced in 2020, the digital world has become an unsafe space for people where all they see is bad news, people passing, and other topics that may be triggering. For this reason, brands need to adapt to this and should seem out-of-touch. With that in mind, it’s crucial to practice empathy and focus on what your users are feeling rather than continue to sell, sell, and sell.

When you continue to do the latter, it’ll seem like your brand doesn’t care about what their audience is going through and will be off to most people. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a digital marketing agency to ensure you’re creating content for the people, not just for the betterment of your brand. 

The Bottom Line: Digital Marketing Will Have a More User-Centric Approach 

With 2022 coming closer, it’s only right that you familiarize yourself with the new trends that will circulate in the digital world. With this in mind, your brand and a reputable digital marketing agency will be able to create content that will help boost your online reputation and visibility, allowing you to lead the market in many ways. 

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