According to IBIS World, Aussies have become increasingly health-conscious over recent years. On top of that, this health consciousness is expected to thrive further in the coming years.

This increased interest in health and fitness also contributed to the growth of the fitness industry. A 2018 report compiled by Skills IQ showed that the industry has grown over the past years. This growth is particularly evident in the emergence of budget 24-hour gym chains and the solid growth of franchises. This trend also prompted the increase of registered personal trainers and instructors in the country.

In an increasingly saturated market, you want to make sure that you continue attracting clients. You can only do so if your website looks and feels professional, credible, and reliable.

Whilst this may sound like an overwhelming task first, you can do something to get started! Here are some fundamental tips you can follow to achieve a website that will take your services to the next level.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Less is more. This is especially true when it comes to website design. Nobody wants to land on a site only to be bombarded with various colours, patterns, visual elements, and huge blocks of texts.

Rather than use a combination of hues, you can create a more welcoming atmosphere by settling with fewer and simpler colours. Furthermore, you should establish a balance between your graphics and your text. Instead of flattering them with visual tricks and elaborate design, keep things simple and go straight to the point.

Your website should tell them what you do and what they can get from partnering with you right away.

  1. Craft A Winning Bio

You may be the most qualified trainer out there—but your website visitors won’t know so unless you tell them!

Considering this, you must pay attention to the bio you will put on your About page. You need to put your best foot forward as this is what will further convince people to choose you over your competitors. Tell your captivating story, such as how you’ve overcome your own challenges and how you now help other people with theirs.

Show the visitors that you are in the best position to help them achieve their fitness goals.

  1. Create Compelling Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

It helps to remember that most people coming to your website will not have a clue about what you do. On top of that, they also won’t quickly pick up what they need to do on your platform.

CTAs will help you direct these visitors to do exactly what you want them to do at your site, whether it’s to enrol in one-on-one sessions or subscribe to your newsletter. They play such an important role in your conversions, so they must be placed strategically in every page of your site.

On top of that, your call-to-action must be clear, concise, and compelling. If you have them short and straight to the point, you’re most likely on the right track. Additionally, avoiding flowery words in your CTAs will allow visitors to know exactly what will happen when they click these buttons.


People want to partner with personal trainers whom they believe can help them achieve their goals. This is something you must always remember when building your site. Incorporate the three tips mentioned above, but most importantly, strive to create a website that instils trust and hope in its visitors. Be genuine, be encouraging, and potential clients will surely flock to your site.

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