One way to direct customers to your website is through email nurturing. It’s a digital marketing method that focuses on your target audience, sending them emails to get them to take an interest in your brand and eventually make a purchase.

By sending emails containing relevant information improves your business’ brand awareness, your connection with your clients, and your potential to become the preferred choice among your other competitors.

An email nurturing strategy must have depth and not just focus on advertising your product or service. Its value should uplift the needs of your customers and prove it will benefit them. To learn how to apply email nurturing to your business effectively, read on further below.

You Should Concentrate on a Specific Audience

Similar to search engine optimisation (SEO) which caters to a specific demographic, email nurturing works the same way. Your email tone must take on a particular persona or interest that can relate to your audience, enticing them to give your business a chance.

You have to figure out the traits, qualities, and habits you expect your target market to share. After all, the output of your email nurturing will be based on your audience and how well they will accept your business. Your email should also include information you know will come in handy to your audience, followed by a call to action (CTA) to lead them to your website.

Aside from knowing your objectives, you should also take note of your competition and the people who will least likely gain something from your product or service. They are who you need to avoid in order to cut on some costs and not waste effort on an inconvertible audience.

You Should Follow an Outline

Email nurturing involves following a firm outline that will produce the results you want. You have to consider the number of emails that’s appropriate to send out in a week, let alone a day. You have to think about the right interval of sending out emails that won’t make you look too needy so people won’t unsubscribe from your updates.

The moment a user performs the action you want them to do, you have the option to either remove them from your email nurturing campaign or retain them for future updates you think they won’t mind receiving.

Coming up with a structure for your nurturing helps you produce better emails. It serves as your guide to decide on the proper amount of emails to send out in a given timeline. It will also show you if the presence of promotions and discounts can influence your choices.

You Should Curate Your Content

Based on your outline, each of your emails must have distinct topics and a corresponding CTA to build your chances of keeping the attention of your customers. It’s also so you have a flexible hold of people with different professions who can relate to what you’re selling.

Organise your content and limit your text to what people are willing to consume with what little time and attention they have. Get straight to the point and showcase your brand with each email you create and send out. Make your intention clear and your CTA realistic to avoid false hopes.

You should also be open to new ideas. While you continue to promote old content, it’s essential to think of ways to dispense better information that upholds your business and includes your customers in the process.


Email nurturing is a digital advertising solution that highlights the strengths of your business. Using conventional language, you can communicate with your clients and meet their standards by providing them with what they need, conveniently in their inbox!

Of course, no email nurturing campaign is complete without an effective landing page and a beautifully designed site that will keep people interested. That’s why we always recommend working with a specialist in both fields.

As a website design company in Perth, Australia, Lethal specializes in helping clients generate leads, nurture mailing lists, and drive conversions with beautiful and functional sites. We pride ourselves on digital marketing strategies focused on providing valuable results for online businesses. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.