In today’s digital age, it’s almost unlikely to find someone who doesn’t use social media. Among the many existing social media platforms today, Instagram remains one of the top choices. It’s a photo and video sharing platform that started independently in 2010 until Facebook acquired it in 2012.

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, its audience grew from thirty million to more than one billion. Naturally, this presented a plethora of opportunities to use the platform to their marketing advantage.

In this article, we list down the best Instagram ads that can capture the attention of users. Read on below to find out what they are.

The Different Types of Instagram Ads

There are three ways that a brand can advertise its products or services on the platform. These include:

1. Influencer Advertising

Influencer advertising is perhaps the best way to market your brand on Instagram. You might recognise these posts from huge celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Jennie Kim, and PewDiePie whenever they make a post about a particular product. Influencer marketing is effective because influencers have a large audience, and these people can also become your customers since the celebrities tell them to do so.

Still, there are some issues with influencer marketing. Aside from the high costs that go to this form of marketing, some questions appear about whether they’re effective. To measure this better, here is data from a survey conducted by Media Kix:

  • Instagram post – 78 per cent
  • Instagram story – 73 per cent
  • YouTube video – 56 per cent
  • Instagram video – 54 per cent

2. Sponsored Advertising

In sponsored advertising, there are different types of Instagram ads. These are also known as ad formats, and they include the following:

Instagram Photo Ads

Since photos are the primary content on Instagram, they’re considered the most effective way to attract customers, unlike other ad formats on the platform.

Instagram Video Ads

Similar to photo ads, video ads are also a staple in Instagram advertising. It’s estimated that around 88 per cent of online marketers use and consider it a vital aspect of their strategy.

Instagram Stories Ads

An estimated amount of 347,000 Instagram Stories are posted every minute. Ever since the feature was released, IG stories quickly became one of the most-used features in the platform, in part due to their virtually limitless creative possibilities. Marketers used this to their advantage by crafting ads in this format, and it’s highly effective because users often come across them without warning.

Instagram Carousel Ads

A carousel ad contains up to ten image or video posts with links in a round format—hence the name. By using carousel ads, you can highlight certain features of a product or service in a sequence.

Instagram Collection Ads

Similar to carousel ads, collection ads can also present several products or services at once. The only difference is that these ads lean more towards an eCommerce format, complete with templates that will transform an average Instagram ad into a landing page.

3. Organic Advertising

Instagram is a visually-driven platform, so it’s essential to give users a reason to keep coming back to your feed. A growing audience will also help your business because when you post something that doesn’t resonate with your followers, they won’t feel obligated to engage with you.

To convert a user into a buyer, an Instagram branded post must be relevant and visually appealing to their interests. The post should also have a short yet meaningful copy and inspire them to avail whatever you’re selling.


Instagram ads, including Instagram Direct Message Ads are an excellent way to market your brand because it offers various advertising options. Since there are many different kinds of Instagram ads, you should pick one that works within your budget and the needs of your business.

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