Websites ruled the internet with a basic HTML structure filled with hyperlinks, blocks of texts, and a lack-lustre layout with no sense of direction or visual impact. In recent years leading up to 2021 and beyond, websites are constantly changing their face as design trends push the landscape and take the user experience to greater heights.

This latest digital craze reflects the current market’s interest, so keeping up with the times can do more for your bottom line than just impress with good looks.

The fast-paced world of web design strives to remain relevant as it has quickly become integrated into daily life, so if you want to dominate the new year, consider the latest web design fads shaking up today’s market:

Trending #1: Parallax Animation

Illustration has always been a pillar in web design. And since modern users demand a more interactive platform in today’s internet-driven world, it makes sense to incorporate seamless animation to promote visual storytelling.

The need to inspire and grab attention paved the way for parallax animation. This dynamic design trend uses optical illusion to make near objects move faster when contrasted with background extremes. This smooth movement creates an immersive experience, drawing readers in and making it easier to spark engagement.

Trending #2: Neumorphism

Minimalism has never really gone out of style but morphs into something better by taking in old trends and giving it a modern twist. In that sense, neumorphism was born as it creates nostalgia by taking outdated materials and giving them a more innovative look using 3D renderings.

Neumorphism is all about taking the qualities of a design’s heydays and create a realistic recreation, making it more impactful, tactile, and visually fitting for today’s standards.

Trending #3: Softer Color Palettes

In the same way that minimalism never seems to fall out of fashion, designers strive to provide a platform where modern consumers can escape digital fatigue. That’s why 2020 fully embraced the darker side of things by offering “dark mode” to contrast the internet’s dominantly white space.

In 2021, web designers are looking to add more colour without adding to the online noise by playing around with solid yet softer colours, straying away from the great black or white debate. It isn’t the kind of trend that focuses on making a dramatic statement, but it’s a straightforward change that can innovate the way people experience browsing nonetheless.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Web Design Trends Booming in 2021

The key to the continuous growth of your business is to respond to your market’s changes; that’s why exploring different web design trends offers more than just a timely facelift. It shows that your business cares enough to put users first, allowing you to create engaging experiences in style.

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