In the olden days, businesses were only able to market their products and services through physical means. But with the presence of the internet, digital advertising has become quite popular and necessary for businesses to build brand awareness.

One of the most popular online advertising platforms that businesses use is Google Ads. But surprisingly, there are several myths regarding Google Ads that have been floating around for years. And many businesses can fall victim to these myths. So we’re here to debunk some of the most common ones.

You Don’t Need to Optimise Your Landing Page

The truth is your landing page can actually impact how your adverts are ranked. This is because the quality of the landing page is one of the factors that influence your Quality Score. Some other elements that affect the landing page’s Quality Score include ease of navigation, loading speed, website transparency, quality of the content and the user’s trust.

You Get Immediate Results

Some people may get disheartened after using Google Ads for a short period as they expect more immediate results. However, the truth is that the results can drastically change during the first few weeks or months of the campaign. You can’t really draw far-reaching conclusions in this short amount of time.

The reason your results drastically change during that period may be due to several factors. For example, the Quality Score can only be determined after an appropriate number of ad impressions. Seasonality could also impact the results. Results may fluctuate during the year, depending on the type of industry you operate in. Continuous optimisation is also needed at the beginning of the campaign to achieve satisfying results. And lastly, machine learning requires time to collect enough data and accurately optimise campaigns.

Competitors Can Maliciously Click on Your Ads

This may be true during Google Ads’ early years, but Google has taken care of the matter since then. Through the use of cookies, Google’s system can easily detect irregularities and exclude them from the settlement. An example of such irregularities includes a suspicious number of clicks spanning a short period. Google’s algorithm acts quickly and spots these malicious behaviours before the advertiser’s account can be debited.

You Can Run a Google Ads Campaign on Your Own

Running a Google Ads campaign isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires specialised knowledge of Google’s advertising platform that you can often get when hiring a digital advertising agency.

When hiring a professional to run the campaign for you, you avoid wasting money from mistakes and experimenting. You also save time as running a campaign all on your own could take a lot of your own time. They’ll be able to offer their knowledge and experience in the field and closely monitor your campaign with advanced tools and analytics.


It’s important to know the truth behind the common Google Ads myths circulating online. This way, you can avoid costly mistakes and run a more efficient and successful Google Ads campaign. And if you’re unsure how to navigate through the Google Ads platform, don’t hesitate to hire a professional to help you out.

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