When it comes to good web design, first impressions count!

When looking for a product or service online, individuals are always going to look for the best option, it’s just human nature – we all want the best deal available. They’ll consider reputation, price, word of mouth, and how your business is presented. Good web design helps you establish this trust with clients and customers.

You’re going to be compared to your competition (which you will be, let’s face it) having a good website is a must to capture the trust of the user within those vital few seconds of landing on your site.

Still not convinced? We have put together 4 top reasons good web design matters.

1. It builds your credibility

Within seconds of seeing a website, a visitor will be able to decide whether or not they trust your business – like it or not. Different visual cues play a role in this decision. Visitors will decide whether or not you’re credible based on:

  • Quality of images
  • Font and colour schemes
  • Ease of navigation and links
  • Usability
  • Website copy
  • Overall design and layout

If you’re ticking all the boxes, you’ll leave no doubt in your visitors’ minds that you’re a company they can trust. This will give you an edge over your competition.

2. Web design can help you with branding

Creating a powerful brand identity is important because it makes your business memorable and lets clients know what to expect from you. Your branding is a combination of a lot of things, including:

  • Colour schemes
  • Fonts
  • Logo
  • Messaging strategy

Anything that contributes to how your business looks, feels, and speaks is part of your brand identity. Your website puts all of this together in one place. When done correctly, your website is one of the biggest components of your brand strategy.

3. You can capture leads

If you’re not using your website to capture leads, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Websites aren’t just your digital storefront, they’re a way to grow your business. You can capture leads through eBook downloads, newsletter sign-ups, or contact forms. A good web designer will be able to incorporate different lead capturing tools across your website.

4. You can improve your SEO

One of the most obvious reasons good web design matters is because it helps with rankings. If you want your website to rank higher, it needs to be doing a few things which include:

  • Loading pages quickly
  • Incorporating good URL structures
  • Incorporating title tags
  • Optimising title structure
  • Using good meta descriptions

There are tons of ways a good web designer can help you create an SEO-friendly website. If you don’t want to have to do the work yourself, let a professional help.

Let a web design specialist help you

Good web design matters and you shouldn’t play around with such an important investment. When you’re looking for a web designer, make sure the agency or individual you’re working with knows what they’re doing.

If you want to work with a trust web designer in Perth, let’s chat. Contact Lethal at 0438 141 977 to find out how we can help you create the website of your dreams.