Facebook is more than just a social networking site for sharing photos and anecdotes. Its sister platform, Instagram, has gone way beyond photos and reels as well. Nowadays, anyone not taking advantage of Facebook ads (which can be placed on Instagram as well) is missing out on profit. This simply cannot be, especially now that the digital market is getting more and more competitive. 

Customers need to trust you before they will part with their hard-earned cash. Building trust through Facebook advertising will help you gain their confidence and trust.  

Read on to learn more about four types of Facebook Advertising campaigns for maximum impact:

1. Flash Sales

A typical Facebook flash sale will have a clear beginning and end date of sale. The length of time within that time frame may differ from campaign to campaign, but be aware that the longer time frame, the better for your bottom line. The discount offered is normally 50 per cent off. This can be a dollar amount or as a percentage of the original price.

2. Product Ads

Product ads are typically for new products you want to promote to your audience. However, used correctly, you can use Product ads to drive sales for your existing products.

The key to this is to not use your existing images and descriptions. Your existing products will have a higher CTR and therefore will be cheaper to drive more sales with.   

Ideally, your store should be set up to dynamically generate the copy and images based on the product category of which it is being shown. Alternatively, you can also use retargeting pixels to re-target customers through a combination of messages and images. The second option is likely to be more expensive but is easier to set up and doesn’t require much in the way of technical knowledge.

3. Video Content Ads

Facebook has updated its News Feed to now include video ads. This is another opportunity to reach a completely different audience with video! You will need to put yourself and your business firmly in front of your potential customers. Don’t just talk about yourself and your business for the sake of it. You need to reassure them that you are a brand that is worth spending their cash on.

Another benefit to running video ads is to take your Facebook Page to another level and show you as a real person.

4. Webinar Ads

Offer a series of videos and guide your customers to the end. In this campaign type, you can position your products in a way that shows how they are used to solve problems and position yourself as an authority to your audience. This type of campaign is commonly used by software companies selling trials.

It can work for anything: food brands offering recipes including their product, mix-and-match suggestions for clothing brand items. The possibilities are endless.


Facebook and its sister platform Instagram are a great means for businesses to advertise. It plays a key role in establishing the trust of customers before they spend on a product or service. Maximum impact can be achieved through Facebook advertising with flash sales, video content ads and product ads.

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