Creating a positive online presence starts with a strong first impression. Most businesses nowadays make their first impression through their first website. However, most of these initiatives are half-baked in conceptualization or become lost in search results.

This is usually due to a weak web design which ultimately translates to a lack of trust between the user and the business. In relation to this, The Harvard Business Review has released a study that trustworthiness is the defining factor that determines whether a customer will acquire any of your products or services.

Bad web design reflects poorly in the eyes of the online customer. This is why it is crucial to be in the know of what it takes to build a competitive and customer-friendly website for your business.

Similarly, a great business website is designed to be a convenient online service, have a resonating core message, and most of all, be a trustworthy brand that is attuned to the customers’ interests and needs. The best web design companies are doing what they can to make sure that every brand or business online has what it takes to be successful on the web.

Here are some of the features that most successful companies use on their website to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Colour Psychology

Your business website will be dealing with a lot of colour choices whether it be on the landing page or in other vital parts of your website. Choosing the right colour will ultimately be the determining factor for an online shopper to buy products from your eCommerce website. This concept is called colour psychology or considering how colour attracts or repels customers from your business. You will need to take note of this, especially in an online setting because a study shows that 91.2 per cent of online customers cite visual dimension as a vital factor in their decision to make a purchase. Remember to concern yourself with different colours and their visual cues for customers.

2. Video Landing Page

Colours are just one of the visual cues that web designers need to account for. Keeping the short attention span of online browsers needs something dynamic or entertaining right on the landing page. Putting a video element there will not only relay the message of your brand effectively to your customers but also make it memorable in the long run. Your web design must integrate video somehow, given that a marketing study reported 90 per cent of participants admit that video is an integral part of digital marketing content.

3. Animated Call-to-Action

A dynamic digital marketing strategy that accounts for strong visual cues such as videos and striking colours can also benefit from an animated call-to-action. This will entice your customers to click out of curiosity purely due to the allure of the visual. However, remember that being overwhelmed by visual cues can be the case if your landing page is already loaded with elaborate elements. Take this into account when you are consulting with the web design specialists.

4. Unique typography

You will need to stand out from the search results in a visually appealing way. Unique visual combinations and dynamic media elements are best paired with equally unique typography to make you identifiable on the web. Just like the animated call-to-action, this is a design choice that needs to be carefully looked into to identify whether or not it’s something that will further enhance the uniqueness of your brand in the mind of your customers.


There are varying web design elements that have kept a number of online businesses in the minds of their customers and other interested markets. Web design is a crucial step to making that presence felt, but it needs to be well taken care of. Consider backing your website project with a web design partner who understands the trends of the digital market to make your online presence largely unique and sought after.

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