When you think about marketing, you think about brand messaging, promotional materials, target audiences—but what about graphic design? Great graphic design is vital for the successful communication of your marketing materials. It’s more than just incorporating text and images into a pretty layout. It’s about using all the right elements cohesively to convey the right messaging.

That said, here are five tips to make your graphic design communicate your brand message as successfully as possible:

1. Choose the right typography

Typography is an art involving design elements applied to letters and text. It sounds simple, but there’s more to it than we know. Typography, being text-centred, should be the core of your communication materials. The typography you use should highlight or emphasise the voice of your brand. That said, make sure the typography you choose is consistent and complements your brand image.

2. Play with similarity and contrast

Play around with the similarity and contrast of elements in your graphic design. Some elements need to complement each other so the design looks clean, seamless, and streamlined. But too much of that can make a design look flat and boring.

On the flip side, contrast allows you to make a bold statement, allowing specific elements to stand out. If your design is ALL contrast though, then that makes for a design that’s too loud and an eyesore to look at. Balance the complementary and contrasting elements in your designs or play around with which elements you want to stand out to make a design that uniquely captures the voice of your brand.

3. Utilise colour psychology

Colour psychology plays a huge role in marketing, as colour is a powerful visual communication tool. It’s used to influence a consumer’s moods, feelings, and emotions through the use of specific colour combinations. With this in mind, pay attention to the colours that best represent your brand. Utilise a colour palette that will resonate with your target audience and bring life to your design.

4. Try the minimalist approach

In the design and marketing industries, minimalism has been a recent trend. This approach delves into the concept of “less is more.” With this approach, you don’t want to make your designs cluttered with elements that can be overwhelming for viewers. Incorporate only the essentials, use ample white space, and focus on the arrangement of elements to create a design that’s simple without sacrificing style.

5. Put an emphasis on brand recognition

When it comes to graphic design, always keep your brand in mind. Start by making use of your brand logo and incorporate it into the design. Second, make sure that all the design elements represent your brand and your brand messaging. Finally, keep consistent and deliver effective and consistent design in all marketing channels. Overall, how successful you are at communicating with your audience is what will shape your brand awareness and recognition.

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Final Words

Graphic design is much, much more than just combining texts and images on a background or in a layout. To put it simply, it’s a process of visual communication and problem-solving via typography, photography, and illustration.

If you’re having a difficult time with your brand’s design, consider all the valuable tips outlined above and see how you can better communicate your message through better designs.

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