Everyone decorates their homes and offices during the holidays to boost morale and get really into the festive spirit. Some people take it further and deck themselves out in holiday gear, wearing Santa hats or playing Christmas music everywhere they go. With such dedication to celebrating the holidays, why not extend the same treatment to your website?

While the concept may sound ridiculous to some people, tailoring your website to the holidays is crucial for getting people in the right mindset to give you the conversions your business needs. Audiences generally appreciate it when businesses join in on the holiday hype, so it’s something you’ll want to consider.

Here are five tips for adding holiday cheer to your website:

  1. Update Your Logo

You don’t have to overhaul your logo to stay in theme with the season, but tweaking it to add bells, snowflakes, or other holiday elements will let your audience know you’re excited to celebrate. You may want to avoid specific aspects, like Santa’s hats, to appeal to those who don’t celebrate Christmas. If you’re stuck on what to do with your logo, the best graphic design companies in Perth can help you come up with the perfect one.

  1. Use Holiday-Friendly Fonts

Although your branding is crucial to your business, slightly branching out during the holidays can help generate more sales. Injecting some holiday-friendly fonts like Mercury Script into your newsletters or website banners will add even more jolly cheer without sacrificing your image. You can also use these fonts on landing pages to add a classic and nostalgic feel, which is sure to resonate with your target audience. 

  1. Go to Town With Holiday Colours

The great thing about holiday colours is that most of them can work with any colour scheme. If red and green clash with your website’s colours, you can instead opt for metallic hues like gold and silver. They tend to complement other colours nicely, as you can adjust the shade to fit your website’s palette best. Even subtle adjustments to the colours will do wonders for decorating your website for the holidays. Still, if you think you don’t have an eye for matching colours, Perth web design professionals will come to the rescue.

  1. Add a Countdown Timer

Your audience is likely excited about the upcoming holidays, and you can add to the enthusiasm by installing a simple countdown timer on your website. Not only will it draw attention to the days that are quickly whizzing by, leaving people with less time to buy gifts (and encouraging them to purchase from you), but it will increase the anticipation for the holidays. There are many plugins and scripts you can utilise to add this feature to your website that’s easy to install, but if you’re afraid of messing with your website code, consulting web design professionals can do this for you.

  1. Write Holiday-Themed Content

To tie a neat bow around the present that is your holiday-themed website, you’ll want to supply content that gets your audience in the holiday mood. Customising your content to match the spirit of the season, like writing about a fun Christmas anecdote or a thankful post, reminds your audience of the meaning behind the holidays. You can also put festive calls-to-action in each post that is both witty and cheery to create a comprehensive holiday website.


The holidays are indeed a special time of the year that involves nostalgia, warmth and comfort. Reflecting these on your website will show your audience that you’re just as enthusiastic as they are, which will get them to browse your website for any incredible holiday deals. With these five tips, you’ll be adding festive cheer to your website without breaking a sweat!

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