Running an eCommerce business can be quite fulfilling, as there’s a large return on investment waiting at different points in the road. However, in order to achieve those rewards, it’s paramount to set up the right avenues for you to meet your customers halfway. Allow them to see what kind of goods you’re offering to them.

Creating a web design for your online store can be a little frustrating for some people, as they can run into a number of issues along the way. It can be tough to dodge them on the limited knowledge that you have, especially if the practice isn’t something you’re familiar with.

If you want to steer clear of these problems, be sure to work with knowledgeable website design professionals. Let them handle every request that you have for the site, as well as prevent and correct these errors. Here are some examples of the mistakes that they can help you avoid:

1) Lack of Product Media

The visuals of an item allow a customer to understand what kind of product they can expect to arrive at their doorstep. Without any form of media or photos, there are fewer chances of a site customer purchasing the goods they had clicked on. After all, many wouldn’t take the risk of shelling out cash without seeing what they’ll receive.

2) Poorly Written Descriptions

Descriptions allow the customer to know more about the details of what they’re purchasing. However, poorly written and formatted text won’t entice the potential leads on your site at all. Some may even be turned off by it due to the surge of fake websites and internet scams. Invest in better copies of the products that your eCommerce store is offering.

3) Absent Customer Service

The website design should allow an avenue for customers to speak their minds or leave their questions. Whether it’s a text box, a chatbot or more, the people who have patronised your business should be able to provide a say. Allow professionals to include this in the final design of your online store for the benefit of your business and clientele.

4) Limited Search Capabilities

Imagine having to search for a specific item manually. It would take hours upon hours to finally find the item or confirm its absence on an online store if the person decides to do it manually. It’s recommended to have a search box available to site visitors since such limited search capabilities can often lead to frustration and failed conversions.

5) Questionable Design Optimization

Many customers will be looking at your eCommerce site from their phone, tablet, computer and other devices. You’ll never truly predict which one a site visitor is on, so it’s best that your website design will accommodate any layout. Make it both desktop and mobile-friendly to entertain every customer.

6) Tough Site Navigation

Website design’s main goal is to make your eCommerce business’s online store much simpler to digest and explore. If the web pages are messed up, and there are hardly any interactions upon clicking, it can be rather annoying. Allow a professional to make things more worthwhile for your customers.


The first step to knowing what kind of website design to achieve is identifying the red flags. This guide should help you better understand what the ideal site should look like and what to request from your hired team.

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