Choosing the right Facebook ad objective is the first step in creating and running an ad campaign on Facebook. The objectives you choose for your campaign will largely determine how and where your ads are displayed, and ultimately, if and where these ads get clicked. 

The goal is to achieve conversions, which of course, should be based on an objective that aligns with your overarching business goals.

Here’s a list of different ad objectives and when you should use them:


Use this objective to build brand awareness or show involvement in specific issues. This objective is also great for building demand, increasing site traffic and increasing event attendance.

These ads are designed to help potential customers in the consideration phase of the buying cycle. Your potential customers should be aware of your brand, but they might not be ready to buy.


As the name suggests, this objective is ideal for reaching out to many potential customers in your target audience. People who you haven’t reached out to yet, or people who only heard of you but are not regular customers yet, are your target audience.

This objective optimises ads for impressions, wherein Facebook will show your ads to many people in your target audience based on your budget.

The format of these ads typically includes images of your product or an attention-grabbing statement.


When potential customers decide to purchase your product, they have entered the consideration phase, otherwise known as the buying cycle. With this objective, your ads are designed to help those in the consideration phase find your business and help convince them to make a purchase.

With this objective, you target people who are more likely to convert. This, however, does not mean that you’re selling a product or a service. You’re selling your brand and message with the hope of winning over a customer.

The ads are designed to help people already familiar with your brand.


This objective is ideal for helping businesses get traffic to their website or a specific page on their website. This objective is not designed for conversions but to increase traffic to pages on your website.

These ads usually have a button that leads to the web page being promoted. This is your chance to get people to visit your page or website. People who come to your page are likely to be in the consideration phase for making a purchase.


This objective is best for businesses who want to get likes, shares or comments on a post on Facebook. Your target audience should be people who have already liked your page.

Your ad will show up in the news feed of people who have already liked your page. The ad should encourage people to continue engaging with your brand by liking, commenting, sharing and visiting your business’s page.

App Installs

People find apps by using the search feature on Facebook, so you can tap into that by using this objective. If you have a mobile app, this is your chance to boost downloads of your app.

This objective is ideal for targeting people who have already used Facebook to search for apps on their mobile devices. With this objective, you’ll reach people already familiar with the app universe.

Get Started with Facebook Ads

In your Facebook ad campaigns, make sure you choose an objective that aligns with your objective for the campaign. If you’re just aiming for traffic to your website or mobile app, then select traffic or app installs objective. Facebook advertising is getting more competitive by the day. You need to be strategic in your campaign, including your ad objectives. You’ll want to try different objectives and track your ROI to see what works best for your business.

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