Countless social media platforms are readily available for us nowadays, all of which empowers businesses to promote their brand without any limit. Facebook is always one of the usual choices, garnering many organic visits per day, adding more followers towards a company in the process. While it may be enticing to use those platforms as your first choice, you may be able to accomplish more with an alternative that makes its presence felt amongst the other platforms—Instagram.

Since the platform usually receives more than a billion visits per month, is it any wonder why it’s slowly becoming one of the top social media platforms as of now? The statistics themselves say a lot about its potential to be an effective tool for your promotional ads—that is why there is no better time to roll out your content on the platform than now.

Before taking the plunge and investing your money onto the platform, you first need to learn the best practices. Not only will they help with the efficiency of your ad content, but they will also bring in more leads towards your brand in the long run.

Clarify Your Ad’s Objective

What is your goal? Are you going to roll out your ad to introduce a new product, or are you simply posting about new items to remind your customers that they are still up for grabs? By being transparent with your objective, you will give a concise message through your Instagram images and videos.

You don’t always have to focus on the virality aspect of your content. If your customers do not understand the core message, they may not benefit the brand other than sharing your catchy videos.

Follow the Recommended Dimensions for Your Creative

There is a tendency for your content to look blurred or pixelated if you do not follow the standard dimensions implemented by the platform. This isn’t even limited to Instagram, as all social media platforms are very particular about their sizes.

If you would avoid following any of them, your content, no matter how amazing they are, may turn into low-quality videos and images, demotivating your leads from ever converting into paying customers. No one likes to see lousy content online, after all.

Identify Your Target Audience

You need to hit your mark. Don’t just rely on getting a wider reach, as you also need to identify your target audience. This will enable you to design content that is tailor-fitted to their needs and preference, much so that you may convince them to buy from you immediately.

Creating relatable content means that you will have a higher chance of converting your leads to paying customers, thus increasing your sales in the process.


Creating impactful ads on Instagram is just a matter of knowing the different practices to boost your brand’s visibility. Determining what you want to accomplish with your ads, following the correct platform dimensions, and designing your content to be more relatable will significantly benefit your company, especially if you are trying to establish your online presence. That said, follow these practices and watch your sales increase in time.

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