If you’re still not aware of this marketing strategy, then here it is: Google Ads and Facebook Ads make the perfect marketing pair. Doing one and ignoring the other might result in you falling short of your desired goal, and that’s something that many marketers have proved. 

Here’s how combining Google Ads and Facebook Ads make the best marketing duo:

1. Maximises Reach and Brand Awareness

With Facebook ads, advertisers get unparalleled ability to boost brand awareness and attract prospects down the marketing funnel. They can do this through reach and brand awareness campaigns, cost per thousand impressions (CPM) bidding and optimisation, and many more options, including Instagram.

Meanwhile, Google Ads provides a variety of campaigns and placements that can help your business expand your reach and gain brand awareness. You can choose from search, display, shopping, discovery and universal apps, depending on your marketing goal. 

Every campaign and placement guarantees an opportunity to boost reach and brand awareness in a way that makes sense for your business. That varies on whether you’re using active search, an in-market audience or a related Youtube video.

2. Helps You Reach KPIs and Advertising Goals

Facebook Ads drive cost per thousand (CPMs) lower than Google, lowering cost per click (CPCs). Still, the comparison might be a little like comparing apples to oranges since clicks are still inherently more qualified on the Search Network than on FAcebook. That means advertisers will be more willing to pay a premium for clicks on search.

Whatever your objective is, Facebook makes the perfect avenue for driving inexpensive clicks for building audiences and remarketing. That allows you to generate a lower bottom line cost per acquisition or action (CPA) and a higher bottom line conversion rate (CVR).

With Google Ads, you can take advantage of the 40,000 search queries that happen every second. That simply means that users are constantly going to Google to seek content, ask questions and make purchases. 

One of the primary steps to take in your advertising goals should be being present for when your prospects go to Google for something. You can then use your knowledge of Google Ads to optimise your performance and take advantage of opportunities to reach your targeted KPIs.

3. Convert Prospects Seamlessly

Facebook Ads provide an excellent opportunity to gather new prospects and convert existing leads through the marketing funnel. Advertisers generally have the chance to go after each step: awareness, consideration and conversion.

You can then take this cross-funnel strategy to another level by pairing the right account structure, campaign settings and audience targeting to every stage of the funnel.

With Google Ads, you have an extensive reach as an advertiser. You also have the opportunity to drive traffic, convert leads and create new businesses. You can simply mirror your funnel with any marketing type offered by Google.


In marketing, traditional strategies might not be as effective as they were before. That pushes advertisers and business owners to come up with new strategies. One of the most effective ones is using Google Ads and Facebook Ads together. With these two together, you can effectively achieve your desired results. 

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