In today’s age, a business’s online presence is one of the easiest ways it can connect with its consumers. Without a properly developed website, potential customers aren’t just hard-pressed to find your business, but they also may not develop a good perception of your brand. By finding the best way to enhance your web design, you can create a good branding campaign for your business.

Storytelling For Your Brand

One of the best approaches to branding would be to create a story. Storytelling is one of the greatest ways to hook your audience—by creating something relatable, you can get them to recognize and empathize with your brand. By riding on a particular storyline, you can mould the perception of your business’ brand towards something easier to envision.

What many don’t know is how this isn’t just something you can add after the fact but is something that you can relate deeply with your web design process. Some of the best ways to approach storytelling are to remain authentic and relatable, as this will resonate with your consumers in a deeper way—thus creating a perceived relationship between your brand and themselves.

To help you out in this regard, here are some approaches you can take to creating a storyline that can improve your website’s success even more.

Your Company History

No matter how cliche or “dull” it might sound, adding a bit about your business’ history is a good idea to start this effort. While it might sound “boring” to you, this is actually informative for your consumers and other budding entrepreneurs when you share your origin story.

In here, you can share the path you took to garnering the idea to your success. This gives your business more depth to your identity, especially when you start to grow larger and more successful. In doing so, you transform from being a random business to the frontline of an entrepreneur’s vision.

The “Endorser” Story

There are actually two ways to this, which can be entirely dependent on how you ply your trade. The first way is to showcase a story wherein your product actually contributed to the success of an individual or team. This directly places your product to the faces of readers, as they get to see just exactly how your product can contribute to success.

The second way is to have an endorser share their own inspirational story without directly mentioning your brand. Much like Nike’s advertisements and success stories, they don’t put it in your face that their brand is a testament to the individual’s success—but they’ve been there from the start, supporting an athlete till they got to the top.

The Authentic Fiction

Another way is to fabricate a story that incorporates your brand, but plies on your consumers’ emotion and relatability. Nescafe, for example, used something as simple as sharing a cup of coffee, which eventually develops into a love story of two individuals. Because the love centred on their bonding over coffee, it provided a beautiful and romantic image of the brand itself. While it might not be real, the feelings associated are completely relatable and authentic, which at the end of the day is the point of this type of branding campaign.

The Bottom Line

Incorporating story to your branding campaign and ingraining it into your website is a great way to boost visibility and perception. In doing so, you can craft a relatable hook towards your brand, thus deepening and adding an entirely new layer on your relationship with your consumers.

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