Instagram Advertising Agency

Experience Instagram advertising on steroids.

Turn those likes and follows into customer conversions—ka-ching!

Turn your brand into an Insta-Influencer. No #spon required.

Instagram has become the go-to destination for online shopping and brand engagement.

If you’re not making the most of IG, your competitors will be leaving you in the dust.

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Ads so native that they don’t even feel like ads.

Instagram users don’t respond when you yell your offer at them. That’s why we take a slightly different approach.

Your customers are smart people. They’re busy, they have full lives. When we send an ad their way we are interrupting their day—so let’s make it worth it.

This is why we focus on building a relationship with those customers. On showing them relevant, snappy content. We get to the point, we speak to them like real humans, and create ads they love to see.

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Instagram Advertising Agency

case studies

Ads in action

Professional Babe

Professional Babe

Bold, vivacious, shocking, and absolutely brilliant, Professional Babe was ready to usher in a new era: A website refresh, a bold new look, a digital presence that whether you love or hate it, you’ll definitely remember it.

49%New Users Increase62%Traffic Increase
Fit Society

Fit Society

Fit Society was built with one main goal in mind: To connect people to the best, most beloved international fitness brands. And so connect, we did! Armed with a powerful strategy, sleek website, and striking products, we helped grow quite the society.

68%New Users Increase59%Traffic Increase
Healthy Power Meals

Healthy Power Meals

The team at Healthy Power Meals have one mission: To connect the people of Perth to easy, delicious, healthy meals. And as a team of dedicated foodies, Lethal was all too happy to make this dream a reality.

65%New Users Increase57%Traffic Increase
what makes us different

Why choose Lethal?


Return on investment

Sick of running expensive ads that have no reach and no results? We don’t blame you—let’s change that.

Our team of strategists will work with you to carve out a killer ad strategy with the best possible return on your investment.


Expert strategy

No clue about Facebook ad strategy? No worries—we do.

From discovering your ideal audience, to knowing exactly where to allot your budget each month—your ads will be in very capable hands at Lethal.


Mouthwatering copy

Can’t quite put your brand into words? Don’t worry—we can.

Advertising copy can make or break your ad. Luckily, our team can write you ad copy so punchy and clever, it will have even you wanting to click ‘buy now’.


Clear as crystal

We believe in full-transparency when it comes to ads.

Not a cent will be spent without you knowing thanks to our sophisticated analytics tools and reports.


One stop shop

You dream it, we can do it.

Lethal is a full-service digital agency, meaning if you want to throw in a website, a logo, some SEO, the kitchen sink, we’ll make it happen.


20+ years of 5 stars

We’re not newbies—in fact, we’ve been in the ad space since 2002.

Plus, over those two decades, we’ve maintained a consistent 5-star rating from our clients. Not to brag.

Let us handle your #socials.

We offer a variety of Instagram management services—you name it, we’ll handle it.

Social strategy

No idea where to even start with Instagram? What do I post, when do I post, should I be on reels, also what is a reel? Never fear—our team will sit down with you and carve out a bespoke strategy just for you.

Social campaigns

Let’s make some big bucks! Work with our team to create custom advertising campaigns that target your hottest audience and convert them from scrollers to shoppers.

Social management

Want to put your socials on autopilot? Say no more. Leave it to our team and we will work to keep your socials active, relevant, and consistently converting.

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Instagram Advertising Agency

Use an Instagram advertising agency for results-driven marketing

Your business may have a bunch of followers consuming quality content, but to harness the full power of what Instagram advertising can do, you need an Instagram advertising agency. That’s where we come in.

We use proven methods to develop your Instagram marketing strategy, utilising the full scope of the Instagram ads service: from Stories, Photo and Video ads, to Carousel, Collection and the Explore feature.

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Instagram Advertising Agency

Instagram Advertising Agency

Instagram Advertising Agency

Reach the right audience for your brand

Instagram advertising allows you to reach the exact audience you want by using precise targeting tools. The platform is designed around curating content specific to the individual. Position your brand correctly and you will not only find your audience, but Instagram will also share your content with other like-minded people extending your reach.

Instagram is unique as an advertising platform as most customers don’t even realise they’re viewing an advertisement until after they’ve purchased. With clever design and positioning, we can capitalise on the ‘authentic’ elements of your brand, with ads that don’t look like ads.

By using our Instagram advertising agency, we can show you how to engage your audience and structure your content for optimal Instagram reach.

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Instagram Advertising Agency

Measured Results for your paid Instagram ads

When you work with Lethal Digital, we determine your current market positioning and create the best strategies to work towards your end goal. With our creative team, data analysis and branding experts, you spend less time and money on Instagram and more time on your business.

Instagram regularly updates its algorithm, which can have a devastating impact on previously successful campaigns. Lethal knows digital: we stay up to date with all the latest changes and updates to ensure your Instagram advertising strategies run faultlessly.

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Instagram Advertising Agency

Got a question?

Instagram Ads
Frequently Asked Questions

Should MY business be advertising on Instagram?

Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool that all brands will benefit from having a presence on, but paying for ad placements on the platform isn’t always the right choice for all brands.

Instagram ads are one of the best conversion tools available right now due to their ability to target your highest potential customers without feeling too “addy” or “salesy”.

Are you an ecommerce brand? You should get on Instagram ads right. This. second!

Are you a B2B industry-specific company? Instagram ad placements may not be for you—let’s chat other areas where your advertising budget may be better suited!

What’s the difference between just posting to Instagram and paying for ads?

Posting to your Instagram feed or stories with no money spent is what we call ‘organic’ marketing, whereas Advertising refers to anything on social media that’s influenced by advertising dollars.

Both organic and paid advertising are incredibly valuable to a vast majority of brands as both work to build your awareness, brand, and website traffic.

Need help with both organic posting and paid advertising? You’re in the right place—we can handle both for you.

How does Instagram Ad targeting actually work?

It’s cool, clever, and a little spooky! Basically, Instagram knows more about you than you realise.

Throughout your lifetime as a social media user, Instagram has built your ‘persona’. It knows your likes, dislikes, hobbies, spending habits, location, age… blood type. Okay, not the last one, but it gets pretty specific!

As an advertiser, you can use this data Instagram collects about its users to be ultra-specific about who you want to show your ads to. Are you targeting mid-40’s mums that live in metro Perth and love to do pilates every weekend? We can target them. Want to be a little less specific and just target women in metro Perth? We can do that too. The net can be cast as wide or as narrow as you like.

Can I use Instagram Ads to get my account more followers?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Hell yes.

While we can’t splash cash and just buy you 1M followers (a BIG no-no in the social media world), we can craft you a campaign that has the primary goal of building your Instagram following.

We can do this by building a campaign that targets your brand’s demographic and centres around a giveaway, competition, collaboration, or social promotion.

Why use an agency instead of just doing all this myself?

Look, we get it: You’re a business owner with a million expenses happening at all times, who wants to add another one on top of it?

You can absolutely handle your own ads, and you may be successful, or you may not. But if you want to cut short the guessing game of what to show, how to speak, who to target, what placements to choose, etc. we’re here to be that helping hand so you can focus on running your business.

When you partner with Lethal, you’re getting access to our many years of learning, trial, error, wins, and secret-sauce formulas for success that we’ve experienced with hundreds of accounts before you.

Is Instagram Advertising expensive?

Sorry to be that guy but… it depends.

You can spend as much or as little on Instagram as you like. Once you set a budget, Instagram will not spend more than you have told it to.

The cost depends on the type of campaign you choose to run. For example, a brand awareness campaign will charge based on how many people see it, whereas a conversion campaign will charge every time someone engages with your campaign (clicks a button, visits your website, etc.).

Also, the more people you want to show your campaign to will increase the price, as will how often you want them to see your campaign.

There’s multiple factors to consider, but in short: Tell us your budget, and we’ll tell you what we can do with that number.



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