Google Ads is a robust advertising platform and is growing into even more advanced forms. However, some advertisers invest a lot in Google Ads without knowing how and why certain aspects of Google Ads work. This leads to misconceptions of the features and results of Google Ads. In this post, we’ll tackle the most common misconceptions to keep you guided in your Google Ads journey:

Google Ads Deliver Instant Results

This myth is one of the most common and is unwavering, despite the evidence otherwise. While Google Ads is in some ways instant, it is not instantaneous. Google Ads campaigns need time to grow and develop, taking weeks and months.

SEO Strategies No Longer Need Google Ads

Google Ads has today become a vital part of an SEO strategy and is a resource that should be utilised because of the potential to drive quality traffic. In the past, Google Ads was necessary for building an audience for your website. Still, now that Google has introduced the option for websites to appear in the Google SERPs without having a physical presence, SEO strategies no longer need Google Ads.

Anyone Can Set Up Google Ads

This is not entirely true. Setting up Google Ads is easy using their tools, but it is not for everyone. Though the technology is easy to use, setting up successful Google Ads is complex and should be left to the experts. There are many things that you need to watch out for.

Google Ads is a platform where you have to keep track of many parameters, so you need to have a clear idea of your business objectives and ensure to keep track of these metrics. You will also require knowledge of SEO and SEM to drive the right traffic to your website.

Google Ads is All About Search Engine

While Google Ads is a powerful tool for search engine marketing, it also has quite a few other advertising opportunities. Google Ads is a platform that not only helps you create a branding strategy, but also helps you drive traffic through key performance indicators (KPIs) to your website. It also helps you with social media marketing and YouTube channel promotion. Google Ads can also be used for mobile marketing and display advertising.

Google Ads is Expensive

Google Ads can be expensive if you have no knowledge of what you are doing or are not familiar with the various features it offers. However, it is not necessary that you spend more than you should. If you are smart about your bidding and ad copy and are willing to experiment, you can keep your ad spend minimal.

Master Google Ads

The key to successful Google Ads is testing and fine-tuning. And needless to say, you also need to know how to plan and set up a Google Ads campaign. Though there are many misconceptions related to Google Ads, a little learning can go a long way. So, stay on top of things with the help of expert advice from Google Ads specialists.

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