Gone are the days of finding—and coordinating—a myriad of creative professionals to complete your project. And it was something we heard before our clients started working with us — the stress of coordinating all parts of their project with Mission Impossible-style precision timing.

We get it, there’s nothing worse than waiting on one person that halts the progress of your project. Or worse, feeling like you can’t find the right person for the job.

Lethal clients don’t have this problem. Being a full-service digital marketing agency in Perth, our team works in-house with one goal in mind — the success of our client.

Although we’re based in Perth, we service our customers around the globe, and there’s a big reason why our clients are raving about the Lethal difference…

We have many signature moves

Lethal isn’t a one-trick pony that specialises in one facet of marketing or design. Granted, we do killer logo design and wicked web design, but we also know everything that needs to happen if you want to hit the ground running with your sales. From your web design, branding and SEO, that’s scratching the surface on the suite of in-house services we offer our clients.

We have the secret sauce when it comes to turning browsers into buyers

A website is a pointless investment if there’s no call to action or a cloudy customer journey. When you come on board as a Lethal client, we get clear on the customer you’d love to serve. We’ll know the best conversion strategies to turn them into a loved up customer. And if you’re ready to take it further, our in-house team of digital advertising specialists can craft up some thumb-stopping ads to keep your business front of mind.

We’re a fan of a pinky promise

We understand the tight deadlines and priorities you have when you’re running a business. The focus should be on what you’re doing, not delaying everything else because your project is running weeks behind. If we agree on a deadline, consider it marked—in pen!—in our diary. And to put you at more ease, we have our ‘On The Ticker’ guarantee which slashes 10% off your project price if we’re late on your project completion.

We know the industry

The digital marketing industry is ever-changing with a new feature, trend or product coming out on the daily. What used to work a year ago is obsolete today. The Lethal crew is all over current trends and digital marketing strategies like a rash. We stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry and we mastermind with the best. Ahem… Gary Vee!

We’re choosy, and you’ll thank us for it

Prepare to have Mick Jagger in your head all day, as if there’s one thing we want from all our Lethal clients it’s satisfactionnn! For that reason, we have some pretty awesome guarantees when you sign on as a client with us. This includes a 100% money-back guarantee on all our graphic design services. And to date, *puffs chest*, all Lethal customers have been 100% satisfied with their projects. Mick would be proud!

We’re in the business of growing businesses

It sounds wanky, but it’s true. We aren’t a website factory with a goal to produce as many websites as we can each month. We care about business growth and we want to see our clients do well. We see their success as our success, and when their business booms—as it always does—we can’t help but feel chuffed that we played a part.

If you’re ready to work with the leading digital marketing agency in Perth and experience the Lethal difference, contact us for a FREE quote.