The digital world is ever changing and evolving, and it’s up to marketers and business owners to keep up. Web design is no exception to these changes, with trends emerging and then growing stale and overdone after some time.

A business or brand website should be many things, but outdated is none of them. Whenever someone visits your website, you need to make sure they see something modern, aesthetically pleasing, and high in quality.

Here are more emerging web design trends you should follow in 2021:

  1. Personalized Content

Billions of people access the internet every day, and more and more of them are looking for singular, personal experiences on brand websites. Consumers want to see dynamic content based on their past behaviour on your pages, their location, and even their browsing history.

Simple things like personalised recommendations and direct messaging can help ensure that your customer returns to your website over and over again. This increase in sales and customer loyalty will be fantastic for your long-term success and growth.

  1. Landing Page Questionnaires

One thing that will make customer personalisation easier is to use questionnaires right on your landing page. This can come in the form of smoothly animated cards containing multiple-choice questions about your visitor’s preferences. When they tell you what they like, what they dislike, and the specific type of product they’re looking for, your website can then respond with products and services that specifically cater to them.

This interactivity at the moment of onboarding will make visitors feel like they are an integral part of the service and will encourage them to become a paying customer.

  1. Take a Stand

Aside from remote work and habits when going outside the house, COVID-19 has also brought significant change in what consumers expect from the brands they support. They want to know what your business stands for and if your brand is an instrument for change in your community.

This means that more and more marketers and designers have begun to centre designs around a brand’s values. This means website sections dedicated to advocacy, sustainability efforts, and community involvement. Even something as simple as using stock photos of people from diverse backgrounds engenders trust in savvy consumers.

  1. Interactive Scrolling

In recent years, having a responsive website has become a necessity. Your website should look put together and beautiful no matter what device your visitors use to access it.

In 2021 and beyond, interactive scrolling transformations will become more widespread. Every flick of their finger or movement of the mouse while scrolling can trigger animated transitions, layout changes, or shifts in the colour scheme. The more visual feedback you give to a visitor, the more engaged they will be with your content.

  1. Rounded 3D Designs

Adding a subtle drop shadow to website icons gives them a more rounded, three-dimensional look. These shadows bring a lot more depth to your chosen colour scheme, making them look more natural and pleasing to the eye. This realism can be applied across most of your website elements to make them look more modern.


Your website design should be anything but static. It should change and evolve along with current trends, so all your visitors and customers feel like your brand is at the top of its game. If you follow these 2021 web design trends, you’ll have a happier customer base and higher sales conversions!

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