You’ve finally got your business up and running, now you’re on the hunt for cheap website design.

You’re not expecting to pay too much, after all, you’ve seen the handmade signs offering ‘$500 Web Design’, and your friend of a friend said they can do it for $1,000.

However, when you enquired with a reputable web design agency, you were a little shocked at the price.

In this article, we’ll explain the reasons why the cost of a website varies so much, and why striking the right balance between affordability and quality is so important for the success of your business.

Firstly, let’s explore the reasons why you’re looking for cheap web design:

  • You’re budget-conscious
    After all the costs associated with setting up your business, you’re trying to find ways to cut corners and save money wherever possible. However, you haven’t considered the quality of what you will be getting.
  • You mostly sell products on social media
    You’re debating needing a website at all because all your products are sold directly to your followers. Easy, right? In reality, you’re limiting potential sales, brand recognition and more…
  • Your business is small so a website isn’t important
    Many small business owners think they’re too small for a website. With no web presence, your customers and clients will go elsewhere.
  • You’ve been quoted a low fee by a particular digital agency or designer
    There are many companies that offer a lower than market price that may seem appealing. But do you know what you are getting for the price? Will it still seem like a bargain if you need to lay down more money on fixing issues, or if the end result isn’t what you expected?

“A design agency quoted me ‘X’ amount, why is this so cheap?”

There are many reasons why costs vary between agencies; from larger companies to one-man enterprises, why is one cheaper than another?

  • Your project has been outsourced to low-cost overseas workers.
    While not always a bad thing if the right person is overseeing the job, more often than not, the website is low quality and poorly designed.
  • The website is built without much concern for internal functionality or best practices.
    This will result in a website that doesn’t work properly and has frequent issues.
  • The ‘Custom’ website is really just a template.
    Cheap websites are often built simply by editing a pre-set template. You’ve paid money for a custom website, yet received a bland, unoriginal design that looks suspiciously similar to your major competitor.
  • The website is not scalable.
    As your business grows, so will your requirements for certain web functions. Cheap websites do not include customisation options, so your website will be forever stuck in the year it was created. Good for nostalgia, bad for business.
  • The agency offers no on-going support.
    Websites often have a few teething problems in the beginning, which can turn into bigger issues down the line. Cheap companies will offer little to no on-going support once your website goes live, leaving you to find (and pay) someone else to clean up the mess.

While we’re on the subject of problems…

“What kind of problems come with cheap website design?”

Cheap website design will come with a long list of problems. Consider these issues before choosing a supplier and ask yourself, ‘is it really worth it?’

    • Your customers will go elsewhere
      Your website represents your business online. Poor design, hard to use UX (User Experience) and terrible SEO results will cost you, visitors.
    • The website performance is… lacklustre
      Unskilled developers will use poor code and shoddy workarounds. Patching or fixing up bugs will often cost you more in the long run.
    • Your website security can be at risk
      No one wants to be hacked, but as a business, protecting your customer’s privacy should be a priority, especially if you have an eCommerce business.
  • Zero support

A cheap web design company will lose interest once they have your money. After-sales support is virtually non-existent because as far as they are concerned, the business is done.

“Why will a cheap website cost me more in the long run?”

Say you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on a marketing plan targeting 18-32-year-olds across social media. Your ad includes a special offer with a ‘call-to-action’ button. Your potential client clicks the button, and nothing happens.

Your poor quality website doesn’t work properly on mobile and now a potential client exits out and continues scrolling, completely forgetting about you and your offer.

Not only have you lost a sale, but the money spent on your marketing plan has also been wasted.

Cheap web design companies (which I like to refer to as ‘website cowboys’) will also try to sell you cheap hosting options that give you less bandwidth. A slow site, or one that takes longer than 5 seconds to load results in poor user experience.

“What should I look for in a web design agency?”

A website design company who values your business’ success, will not advertise itself as cheap.

They will look at your business, analyse exactly what you need and provide you with a cost estimate that is fair and affordable.

  • Avoid companies that have a set price for web design
    A small business will not require the same functionality as a big eCommerce site and vice versa, so you don’t want to be sold unnecessary features. Custom pricing is the best path to follow.
  • Look at other work they’ve completed and who it was for
    Many companies will have a portfolio of work, so you can see who they’ve worked with and what businesses have trusted their expertise. If the businesses are at the same level you want to be at, you’re in good hands.
  • The design agency should understand your market
    Try to find an agency that has already worked in your market, whether it be the Fitness industry or local restaurants. If they already understand your audience, chances are they’ll build exactly what you need.
  • Customer support should be paramount
    The best web design agencies will be there for you every step of the way, including after your site goes live, saving time, money and stress. Ask about after-sales support options or any guarantees they may offer.
  • Check their online reviews
    You pay a cheap website designer online, things go south, then you start to see all the other negative reviews regarding the company. Always check the business’ Facebook reviews, Google Reviews and more. Sometimes unhappy customers are unavoidable, but a reputable company will always respond to negative reviews in a professional manner.

“OK, I think I understand the process now! Anything else?”

If you’re serious about your business, a quality, functioning website should be high up on your priority list.

It is always a wise choice to use a reputable web design agency that understands your business needs, they’ll be there to offer support when needed, and can help you once your business takes off!



When it comes time to investing in a brand new website, make sure you shop around. Do your research and don’t just be driven by price alone. Focus on the value you’re receiving and make sure your web company has the success of your business as the main priority. If you don’t know where to start, make sure you visit our free resources page (click here) that is jam-packed with great advice and value on how to build your empire online. Or feel free to contact Lethal Digital today for a free quotation.

To your success,

Lee Rekman