Optimising your eCommerce website’s product pages are vital to securing constant conversion for your business. You can consider these pages as the last opportunity to convince your leads to make a purchase and become paying customers. 

In essence, all the energy, money, and time you spend on your business web design can lead to a point where you want your target audience to decide and benefit your company. It means that product pages play a special role and should be utilised correctly to bring in sales. 

To get the most out of your product page and grow your business further, follow our tips below on how you can make your eCommerce product page unique. 

Evoke Emotions from Your Viewers 

Impacting your website visitors through emotions is a tried and tested way to make your product page impressive. You do not necessarily need to prompt a purchase immediately. 

However, you have to leave emotions that the user cannot shake off even while checking out your competitors’ pages. 

It does not mean you have to use emotive or flowery sales language. Instead, you can build well-structured, targeted content to generate emotions from your audience, and you will soon see a difference in your conversion rates.

Highlight Your Main Selling Points

Putting yourself in the shoes of your shopper is essential in building a product page that seamlessly meets their needs. Doing so helps you identify which products a user will probably choose over others. 

What sets these ideal products apart? Use this information to highlight your product or service’s primary selling points and make sure you communicate these to your potential customers in an effective manner. 

If you can emphasise it well, your selling points can be so captivating that you may not need a comparison with competitors to trigger an impulsive purchase. Moreover, think about what makes your offer special and present it with timely information useful to your target audience. 

Consider Using Product Videos 

Video content is known for engaging website visitors in a way that other formats can’t. A great combination of images, audio, and text can effectively convey details about your product to your site shoppers. 

In addition, studies have found that product videos indeed help increase conversions for a business. Other findings include:

  • 69 per cent of potential customers prefer watching a product video over reading a text description.
  • 78 per cent of surveyed businesses reported that product videos have resulted in their sales boost.
  • Between 2016 and 2020, the number of companies using video content has increased by about 41 per cent.
  • Potential customers are 64 to 85 per cent more likely to buy after watching a video of a particular product. 

Present Genuine Social Proof

Of course, buyers want to know they can trust your company and products or services. You can achieve this by offering credible social proof integrated into an organised web design. 

Showing your target audience that others have already purchased your product and are satisfied with it is crucial for designing your eCommerce page. We recommend considering your customer reviews as an important section of your content at all times. 


Keep in mind that your product pages can change over time, so you must improve them whenever necessary. It helps ensure that you stay updated on the latest trends and make adjustments to match your target audience and their eCommerce needs. 

Product pages will never be perfect, and you should not make that your goal. Instead, you have to aim to enhance them incrementally by investing in your research and design. 

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