Graphic Design Guarantee

100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like our design work.

But you will. We’re sure of it.


You should never have to ‘settle’ on a design. We want you to love it.

After 20+ years in the biz, we know one thing: Customer satisfaction is what gets us out of bed every day. That’s why we offer these three guarantees:

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graphic design guarantee

Our Promise

The Lethal Law:
Our guarantees to you

The Mick Jagger

At Lethal you CAN get your satisfaction—and we’re willing to pay for it with 100% cash back.

If you’re unhappy with your design work, we’ll work to revise our work until you’re over the moon.

Still Can’t Get What You Want? We will refund every cent back to you.* No tricks, no hoop-jumping.

(P.S. To date, nobody has had to claim their money back—you’re in good hands)

The On The Money

What’s the point in a quote if the final bill arrives and it’s drastically different?

Nobody likes a surprise bill, that’s why we stick to our quotes. There will be zero unexpected fees or charges when you’re working with us.

‘Surprise/hidden charges’ simply do not happen at Lethal.

Want to add more services onto your package? Easy done. We will always supply you with a fresh quote before proceeding with a new direction.

The Clock Slasher

We’re punctual peeps. So much so that we guarantee your project will be completed by the deadline. If not? We will slash 10% off the project’s fee.

This guarantee requires teamwork, of course—between you and us.

As long as you supply feedback, materials, and content in a timely manner, we will always deliver on the clock and any unexpected delays (because life happens) will always be accounted for ahead of time

*Terms for the 100% money-back graphic design guarantee

Do note there are a few common-sense clauses to the Mick Jagger Graphic Design guarantee, whereby a refund is ineligible:

  • If you’ve already confirmed or approved acceptance of a design, this represents acceptance of the final project, serving as an implicit statement of satisfaction.
  • Failure to communicate your dissatisfaction more than five working days after presentation of a concept(s).
  • If the company for whom the design was performed should close, alter its trading name or undergo other alterations rendering the current design invalid.
  • Once you’ve assumed final delivery.

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