Every individual or business owner managing a website should know how essential it is for visitors to navigate their way across your site easily. An optimised web navigation has the power to attract more customers and improve your online ranking on search engine results.

If you focus on the content you put out and forget about your website design and navigation, you can expect all your efforts will be put to waste since users don’t know how to get to your content. Keep reading below to find out some ways to help you develop a good website navigation.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

When it comes to designing your website, you should constantly keep your target audience in mind and not just for the sake of your brand. Put yourself in their shoes when you’re browsing through your platform to help you understand if it’s easy to navigate through your website.

Most of the time, having a simple menu that leads visitors straight to the point is better. Since the reason for your website is to showcase your products or services, your web navigation should be obvious and have a straightforward design.

Organise The Layout Of Your Website

Your website’s framework is connected to your site’s navigation. Search engines like Google and Yahoo work to assess how your website and its pages are established, so they can index them accordingly and help determine your online ranking more efficiently.

It would help if your website menu, which contains your site’s subpages—such as your homepage, products or services page, blog, and more—is created with a plan in mind. Organising your pages according to their importance is necessary to help your visitors know where they’re supposed to go.

Provide Breadcrumbs For Users

Breadcrumbs is a web design element that adds to your website’s navigation. It’s what helps your visitors remember what part of your website they’re currently at, so they don’t get lost. It allows users to go back to the main page in case they want to return to your previous web pages.

If people can’t understand your website’s layout, they can rely on breadcrumbs to find their way more effectively without getting too confused. It’s also what helps your website rank higher on search engines.

Place Your Web Pages Into Categories

Another way to gain a higher ranking online is by placing your products, services, and blog posts into categories so that those that are related to each other will appear on the same page. Doing so helps users read similar content from what they previously searched for, increasing your chances of having them stay on your website for longer.

Using the proper keywords for your categories not only helps one page but your other web pages that belong to the same category as well. Applying search engine optimisation (SEO) helps the visibility of your website and results in more visitors.

Utilise A Responsive Web Design

You can expect most consumers to be on their mobile phones and other hand-held devices due to the convenience it brings them. That’s why a good idea to improve your web navigation is to make your website responsive.

If your site can work on all kinds of gadgets, you can expect to keep users on your web pages without worrying about their online experience. Besides, a responsive web design increases your conversion rates and your visibility on search engines.


Your website navigation is just as important as the other elements that make up your website. If you learn to follow the tips above and make your website user-friendly, responsive, and properly categorised, then you can expect to achieve the results you want. But if you don’t know how to do all of them on your own, you can always rely on a website design company to help you out.

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