Your business website is an important representation of who you are as a company, what you prioritise, and how professional you are when dealing with your customers and clients. For these reasons and more, your website must be functional while also expressing your brand’s personality and unique aesthetic.

To create an excellent product, It’s best to partner with web designers and developers who know you and your vision. They can give comments and recommendations and bring everything to life in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you’re in the market for a new website, below is a list of questions to ask yourself before choosing to work with your chosen website design company in Perth. 

1. Are They Charging Reasonable Prices?

Obtaining quotations from several web designers is a wise practice for a business owner. However, not all quotations are the same, so read the tiny print and understand what is being offered:

  • Is the price all-inclusive, or does it change depending on certain services? 
  • What products and services does the quotation include?
  • Do you have ownership of the finished product?
  • Is the price of the quote inclusive of ongoing website maintenance?
  • What is the number of revisions included in the price?
  • Do they charge by the hour or for a flat rate? How much does an hourly rate cost?

2. Do They Have an Outstanding Web Design Portfolio? 

An excellent and well-regarded web design firm’s portfolio should be freely available to you—often on their own website. You can also see these actual websites in action by requesting the URLs they’ve worked on. 

Do you enjoy their design work at first glance? Aside from the general appearance and feel of the sites they have created, user experience, accessibility, and conversion rates are all critical factors to consider. 

Do their websites offer an easy-to-navigate user interface? Is there a call to action (CTA) on every page? Is vital information tucked away or readily available?

3. Do Their Knowledge and Experience Match the Requirements of Your Project?

How advanced is the website you want or need to create? The complexity of your project should be one of your foremost considerations when choosing a web design agency. For example, you need a website that includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), search engine optimisation, eCommerce, and other complex features. In that case, you should check the credentials of your potential web designers and see if they have the experience and expertise needed to deliver your project requirements.

4. Does The Location of Your Web Designer Matter?

Today, the best web design companies can be found all over the world due to the fantastic technology available. All you need is to ensure that the company you select has the systems and capabilities to complete a project efficiently.

A thorough grasp of project management systems can help a web design company work with any business and operate well online. Your partner should also be able to lead online brainstorming sessions, use a tried-and-true approach to bring your site architecture to life, and answer all of your questions.

5. How Does the Web Design Process Work for Them?

Understanding your potential web designer’s strategies and methods can help you determine whether you are on the same page. Their approach should be collaborative, and they should pay attention to your ideas while also developing their own solutions.

You’re turning to them for website design assistance, but they should be looking to you for your own company’s expertise.


Hopefully, this information can help you make an informed decision about hiring a skilled web designer. It takes so much time, money, and effort to create an excellent website, so make sure to work with the right web design agency for you and your project’s needs. 

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