Over the past year, TikTok just keeps on growing in popularity. With over 800 million active worldwide users, there’s no doubt that this social media platform is one of the hot spots in the digital landscape. Because of this huge number, advertisers and business owners are more than willing to dip their toes in this channel and use it as part of their strategy.

As business owners, you want to ensure that you’re aware of the trends and platforms that could benefit your company. The key here is to integrate your TikTok marketing efforts with existing powerful tools, like your website, to boost your strategy and help you reach business goals much quicker.

For this reason, many leaders work with advertising and a website design company to ensure that they’re using the proper techniques and applying effective concepts to encourage growth for their brand.

If you’re thinking of riding the TikTok wave and want to get started, here are some tips that could be effective for your TikTok advertising campaigns. Let’s take a look!

Tip #1: Do Your Best to Blend In to Stand Out

One of the things you should know about TikTok is that it’s built on user-generated content. Because of this, high-budget, produced ads are often ignored by users. To counter this obstacle, ensure that your content is organic, so users are more inclined to watch it and engage with your ad.

Remember to grab their attention in the first few seconds, record your videos vertically, and use TikTok’s editing features — the more natural it feels, the more the user gets hooked to your content.

Tip #2: Collaborate With TikTok Creators

TikTok creators are the powerful and mighty ones on the platform, seeing as they have content to post every day that garner tons of engagement. Since they know how to engage with their viewers and to maintain creativity on the platform, it’s best to collaborate with these influencers.

When you incorporate TikTok creators in your strategy, they can also cross-promote your brand on their account, helping you pull in more customers and leads.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Audio, Dances, and Challenges — or Make Your Own

TikTok is an incredibly interactive platform filled with music, dances, challenges, and trends. And if you want to do well on this platform, it’s important to use these factors to your advantage, or better, why not create your own TikTok trend?

Following trends or making new ones will keep your audience on their feet and engaged. Besides that, you’ll be able to tap a wider range of customers and successfully improve your brand’s online presence.

Tip #4: Use Content to Educate

If you want to push your leads down your sales funnel, using TikTok for tutorials and other relevant content could do loads to your conversion rates. This is why many beauty brands, fitness companies, food and beverage businesses use TikTok — to inform and educate their audience.

When you teach your target market, you build a strong and trusting relationship with them. This is why it’s important to ensure that your website has the right content and you embed your TikTok videos in landing pages, so your leads land on the right pages in your site. You can do this by working with the best website design companies to help establish your brand online.

The Bottom Line: TikTok Isn’t Only for Fun and Games, It Could Help Grow Your Business

Now that TikTok is growing momentum, your business must ride the same train as well. With our tips, you’ll get to create TikTok content that will help increase your customer base, improve your sales, and establish your brand in a saturated marketplace.

So work with TikTok creators, partner up with the best website companies, and integrate TikTok content in your strategy and watch your business flourish.

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