Utilising pop-ups on your website correctly can give your website a boost. Pop-ups can be used not only to help users make choices and assist in growing your business. In fact, a good pop-up on your ecommerce website helps your visitors make choices and aids in growing your business.

Although pop-ups have both pros and cons, they can be used to increase the likelihood that your customers will buy your products.

Designing Pop-ups on an eCommerce Website

Before we share the methods of using pop-ups on an eCommerce site, let’s examine why people usually avoid pop-up ads. Some of the common reasons are as follows:

  • Poor copywriting
  • The design is not appealing enough
  • Unnecessary things are included repeatedly
  • They are misplaced everywhere

Users don’t like pop-ups because they distract them or take up their attention without their consent. There are some other reasons, too. But as an online store owner, you must know how to use pop-ups to your advantage.

Here are some tips to help you maximise the impact of pop-up messages on your e-commerce sites.

1. Allow the Audience to Understand the Pop-up

Give your users enough time to understand the pop-up. You should give them a moment to process and digest the information. 

Following this trick, you can win your user’s hearts and scale up your sales on your eCommerce store by collecting customers’ attributes.

Customers are given only a brief period to browse; otherwise, they will lose their spot in line. Once they have seen what they want, they use their pop-up to ask other users for their email addresses. If their pop-up is ignored, customers can ask again.

2. Prepare Audience Segmentation

To make your digital marketing efforts effective, you need to segment your audience’s persona according to their preferences. You can quickly sort out which valuable users you should give more attention to and show them relevant messages based on their past activities on your eCommerce.

Let’s consider what you need to know when deciding who to send a pop-up ad to to deliver more relevant information.

  • Consider the individual needs of your customers.
  • Contemplate the last time they purchased something.
  • Value whatever intent they have.
  • Find out where they are right now.
  • Learn what they searched for last time.

Moreover, try to be more logical and streamline the content presentation so that visitors can get where they want to go as quickly as possible. In this case, it may require some extra effort, but the result will pay dividends in the form of success for your business.

3. Utilise Pop-up for One Time

You may not want to display pop-ups to your users if you have a newsletter. For example, you may have already captured your users’ email addresses if you use MailChimp.

You can let your visitors sign up for your email newsletter using a form in the footer of your eCommerce websites. You can also use a pop-up window to display special offers or discounts.

4. Supply Useful & Relevant Information

When you create a pop-up on your website, you don’t always want to tell your visitor, “Buy our product now!” Instead, consider sharing helpful information with your readers. You can share how the product can be used, show a simple information chart or even include a success story.

5. Formulate Target-based Popups

A popup is bound to appear repeatedly as soon as you land on the company’s website.

Well-targeted and strategically placed pop-ups can help increase signups. For example, it is necessary to deliver the right message at the right time to achieve continuous progress through a particular popup.

Therefore, don’t simply display the same popup everywhere, but think beforehand how to put it on your eCommerce website. Personalised popups will increase subscription rates.


Using pop-ups on your eCommerce site can increase your sales. In fact, a good pop-up on your website can help you to build a strong relationship with your users.

Plan and prepare your pop-ups today with Lethal. We are happy to provide you with a high-quality website design, with appropriate pop-ups, for different businesses in Perth, Australia. If you wish to improve your ecommerce websites, let us help you today by simply reaching out to us.