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  • Please specify the exact wording required on your logo.
  • Does your business have a tag line / catch phrase that is to accompany the logo? (if not, leave blank)
  • Please describe the nature of your business and general services/products provided.
  • Who is the main target audience / market? (e.g. male, female, age group, industry, etc)
  • Do you have any major competitors? If so, please list them and provide web addresses if possible. These include actual businesses, not the industry you’re in.
  • Do you have any particular preference for colour?
  • Fun, Funky, Fresh, Corporate, Distinctive, Clean, Simple, Elegant, Calm, Energetic, Spiritual/Holistic. Other
  • Do you have any design samples that you like, or ones that have a similar feel to what you want to achieve? This is not essential. If you do have samples then please attached these to your email.
  • Please list as many applications as possible that could make use of your design now and in the future, such as building or vehicle signage, embroidery, newspaper advertisements, websites, etc.
  • How will your company market its services now and in the future? (e.g. word of mouth, industry journals, newspapers, Google, television, brochures/flyers, social media, website)
  • If this is a re-branding of an existing logo design, please describe why your company feels it needs to be changed. (You can provide samples of your previous logo if you wish.)
  • For example: I don't want 'flowery' designs or I don't want to use Pink
  • Any additional comments that would affect the outcome of your logo design.
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