The holidays are near, but that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your business. In fact, it’s the perfect time that you should take advantage of because many people are going online since they have more free time. 

One of the platforms that you should highly focus on is Facebook. What you need to do right now is prepare your marketing plan to have an effective Facebook ad campaign during the holidays. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve curated some tips on how you can plan your Facebook ad campaigns this Christmas season. Our recommendations help ensure that your campaigns will succeed and you can get the best possible results from your Facebook ad campaigns.

Let’s get to it! 

Start Optimising Your Website for Facebook Ads 

One of the most effective ways to optimise your website for Facebook ads traffic is to use Facebook pixel. It’s a small piece of code you put on your website to assist you in tracking conversions from Facebook ads. It can also allow you to optimise your ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, remarket to users who have engaged with your website, and find similar prospects to your buyers. 

You should start using Facebook pixel to begin collecting data from your website visitors. If you install one, you can optimise your website for Facebook ads traffic. You will not only make your Facebook ad more effective, but you will also increase your chances of getting high conversions and sales. 

Don’t Forget to Optimise Your Website on Mobile

Just so you know, most people use Facebook through their mobile devices. In fact, Statista recorded that 98.5% of Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile phones. Since that is the case, you should prioritise optimising your website for mobile users. 

Your site should function as smoothly on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. That way, your Facebook ad will register perfectly on mobile, making it more effective for smartphone users. 

Publish Facebook Ad Campaigns to Match the Season

Since it’s the holiday season, you should offer your audience something new to make your campaign more effective. When we say something new, we mean that you should provide your customers with special offers like free delivery, discounts, and the likes. This strategy will give you a higher chance of getting better results because you target different funnel stages rather than serving them the same thing. 

Don’t Forget About Your Business Key Dates

When planning for your Facebook ad campaigns, don’t forget about your key dates and promotions. You should map those out well so that you can include them in your Facebook ad campaigns. Your business key dates might consist of new product launches, restocks, and last order dates for guaranteed delivery or personalisation. 

Always remember your key dates because these will significantly affect purchases from your business. Remember to include changes in your ad copy because you might annoy your customers if they can’t buy the product precisely as your ad implies. 


Making your Facebook ad campaign effective during the holidays is possible if you know how to plan it well. Holiday or not, preparation is crucial because that’s the only way to get the best results. To make your marketing plans for the holidays more manageable, follow the tips mentioned above, and you can look forward to making your Facebook ad campaigns more effective. 

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