With half of the year passing by quickly, you might still be looking for a crucial opportunity to take your operations up a notch and bounce back after the slowdown caused by COVID-19.

As more businesses seek to revert back to their pre-lockdown workflows, it’s vital to ensure that you’re adapting as well. Between introducing more promos to bring your cash flow back to life and introducing safer ways to come back to your store, there is much to be done to get back on the path to continual growth and scaling.

While there is an abundance of details that you’ll need to deal with in the coming months or weeks, there’s one question that you should ask yourself: Is my web design up to par with the latest trends?

Why it’s important to have an updated website

The field of web design is one that is continuously evolving as the matter of what constitutes an effective example changes along with shifting consumer preferences.

In comparison with other business practices that don’t bear the same urgency, building a successful design that meets consumer expectations and gets the right results is a continuous process. Although it seems menial at first, brushing up on the latest trends in web design essentially equates to knowing what works and what won’t, which is an advantage for kickstarting your operations after the COVID-19 slump.

Additionally, having an up-to-date web design is important because the Internet now has a greater grasp on what businesses need to succeed. This leaves the future of your firm’s growth and profit potential in the hands of your website!

The trends to watch out for

If you’ve been doing everything to make sure that your business is up and running and want to make sure your website slings you back to top ranking, here are three web design trends you should adopt this 2020:

Trend #1: Responsive web design

With the number of smartphone users every year, it’s clear that mobile devices are now the gold standard and biggest touchpoint between consumers and websites. This essentially means that your website needs to be mobile-friendly as well. Fortunately, adopting a responsive web design helps your site run optimally on any platform that it’s displayed to ensure that you’ll satisfy customers well enough to merit more profits!

Trend #2: Whitespace

As opposed to the older websites that stuck to the whole “the more content, the better” approach in their designs, successful web designs today employ much more whitespace. Generally, the presence of open spaces is effective because they allow users to have some breathing room to properly digest all the text and images they’re interacting with, making it much easier to convey your message.

Trend #3: Tailored illustrations

While the effectiveness of illustrations may not be something new when conveying a message to catch attention, it’s become even more valuable in the web design world in recent time. When used correctly, this additional element adds lots of character, approachability, and communicating power to a design and allows its bigger picture to shine through and rake in the right reactions over time!


With more opportunities to reel in customers and bounce back after an economic stalemate, it’s vital that your web design is up-to-par with bringing in more conversions and profit. By taking the time to adopt the three web design trends mentioned above, you will end 2020 with a bang and make sure that you get the best results!

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