Social media marketing plays a crucial role in any business, influencing people’s thoughts about a product or service. Companies use it to generate traffic, enhance brand awareness, and establish customer relationships.

This year alone, CNBC published that social media ad revenues accumulated to $41.5 billion in 2020, making up nearly 30 per cent of all internet ad revenue. 

In addition to that, a study has shown that 34 per cent (one in three) use social media to discover new brands, either through official pages or their friends’ posts, and help them decide which products to buy or services to hire. 

Given the role that social media plays in daily life and digital advertising, it’s a safe answer that you’ll stand to benefit from social media marketing. The question now is, which social media platform should you use? 

Which Social Media Platform Should You Utilise?

For starters, you can perform digital advertising on several platforms at a time, but it’s best to focus on the larger channels online. Among all of them, Facebook is your best bet. 

Facebook has been the most popular social network for many years. All signs point to it remaining that way as it continues to evolve as a platform. In fact, more and more people are also treating it as their primary source of information and entertainment aside from using it for networking and communication. 

This makes Facebook the ideal place for businesses looking to advertise their products, services, or campaigns. 

Why Should You Use Facebook Marketing?

Aside from being the most used social media platform, Facebook offers plenty of advantages to those who opt to advertise on the site. Here are some examples:

1. Ads on Facebook are Budget-Friendly

One of the best things about digital advertising on Facebook is it works for all kinds of budgets. If you’re a small business just starting, you won’t need to worry about the ads being out of your range.

Facebook makes it possible for businesses to set their budget from the start. The number that you input will dictate your reach on the platform. 

2. Facebook Ads are Easy to Set Up

Besides being affordable, digital advertising on Facebook is also beginner-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have years of experience in the marketing field; Facebook’s system will walk you through the entire process.

While setting up your ads, you’ll be asked to select the ad format you wish to publish, alongside your desired audience, campaign budget, and timeframe. 

It’s also worth noting that marketing on Facebook doesn’t limit you to Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC). You can also work with Pay-Per-Impression or Pay-Per-Like. 

3. Facebook Allows Video Advertisements

Unlike other platforms, Facebook doesn’t limit the type of ad you can publish on their site, allowing you to make the most of video advertisements.

Video campaigns are more effective than the usual text-based ads since they combine text, images, and sound into one outcome, leading to a highly engaging product.

See, the human brain pays more attention to videos than text-based ads, so it’s easier for viewers to relate to your video and engage with its content. 

4. The General Public Is on Facebook

As previously mentioned, Facebook is the most popular social media platform online right now, followed closely by YouTube. However, you may not know that Facebook has over two billion monthly users you can target to boost your brand’s visibility online. 

While it’s a challenge to get all users to see your advertisements, you’ll still benefit from using the platform, considering that Facebook lets you target specific audiences. You can have the option to choose based on age, career, marital status, and interest.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to the Look Alike Audience feature, which allows you to create a new audience that matches your current database’s criteria. 

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to using Facebook for your digital advertising needs. It’s easy to employ, caters to businesses of all sizes, and gives marketers the ability to reach a wide-scale audience. 

If you don’t have much experience with digital advertising or marketing in general, there’s no reason to fret since you can always rely on digital marketing agencies in this endeavour. Lethal, for example, can help you reach great heights with our high-quality digital marketing solutions. 

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