Facebook and Instagram are great places to connect with and sell to your target audience. It may appear simple, but it requires significant configuration and structuring. This could be intimidating to many people. Thankfully, anybody can learn this skill and gain knowledge to thrive in this new digital era. Read on to discover how.

The Initial Steps

To begin, determine the campaign’s goal and target funnel step then decide on the ad’s content and format. These advertisements will be part of a larger ad set. 

Your advertisements should be both entertaining and educational while maintaining contact with your target audience throughout their customer journey.

This could make for a successful Facebook ad campaign that assists your eCommerce store in attracting, retaining, and motivating customers to buy. You can increase sales and meet your advertising goals by structuring your campaigns. 

The Funnel Strategy

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Top Funnel 

Begin your top funnel Facebook ad campaign by emphasizing your goals. 

The process of introducing your eCommerce store to untargeted audiences is known as prospecting. This allows your campaign and brand to generate interest and attract potential customers on their journey through your products. 

Begin by capturing people’s attention with engaging media such as videos, gifs, images, and text.

Middle Funnel 

When launching a middle funnel campaign, you want to build trust with your target audience. Consumers who are stuck at this stage of the funnel must learn more about your brand in order to move forward. Thus, educate them on the benefits of your products and highlight the product’s quality, materials, or other features. 

Bottom Funnel 

A Facebook ad bottom-funnel campaign’s goal is to persuade people to make a purchase. Consumers who are nearing the end of their purchasing cycle are more likely to be interested in your products. To avoid losing potential customers, your campaign should entice them to make a purchase through special deals, free shipping promos, and discounts.

To begin, personalize your retargeting audience. Individuals who have viewed your products or added to their art in the last 30 days but have not made a purchase may be included in this audience. 

A more sophisticated form of audience selection is selecting the products to advertise. Then, based on their actions, define your target audience. 

Improving the Efficiency of Your Ad Sets 

When you create an ad set, the settings it contains are applied to all of the ads in it. You can categorize your audience based on their location, gender, and age. 

According to Facebook, you should have at least 50 conversions per ad set per week. Fewer ad sets equal more targeted results for your campaigns. 

You can also avoid audience overlap for the best results. Because two audiences are attempting to reach the same people, they are compelled to compete.

To decide whether to use single, carousel, or dynamic ads in each ad set, you must first determine the campaign’s objective. 

Using Dynamic Creative

You can use dynamic creative to quickly test interchangeable text, headlines, images/videos within an ad set. You can also display different types of media, such as images and videos. It is ideal for experimenting with different image and text combinations.

Using Single or Carousel Ad Sets 

When displaying static images, videos, or text, use single or carousel ads. These ads work well if you want to create multiple ads with different text and images. They are also helpful to demonstrate a product, quickly convey a message, or demonstrate the value of a product using multiple images. 

When you understand your audience and the best content combinations, singular and carousel advertisements perform better. Because these advertisements are static, you know exactly how they will appear to your audience. 

You can only create one ad set with dynamic creative or single/carousel ads. To transform, you must first duplicate your target audience, change the advertisement’s dynamic nature to single/carousel, and to avoid duplication, remove previous audiences.


Now that you have better knowledge of using and optimising Facebook ads, you can promote your brand and attract your target audience. With the right techniques and discipline, it’s safe to say that desired results will transform your performance in time.

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