Facebook Ads provide great benefits for many small businesses. It’s an excellent tool that allows you to advertise your business’ products and services in a creative way online. In comparison to Google Ads, Facebook Ads involves using creative imagery or engaging video content that tells a story about your business. This form of online advertising has shown to have a higher recall or remembrance rate among audiences on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is particularly suited for businesses in the e-commerce, fitness, fashion, or retail industries. Nevertheless, businesses from other industries also benefit largely from advertising on Facebook.

Imagine this, when you watch a movie with a unique story that was well directed, the movie is more likely to have a higher remembrance rate in comparison to a movie that was rated below average. One is more likely to vividly remember parts of the movie that captured their interest.

Similarly, with Facebook Ads, it’s all about using the right creative content to capture the target audience. A well-thought-out content strategy is a must in every successful Facebook Ads campaign. As simple as this may sound, there’s a far more detailed thought process that is involved in understanding the psychology behind creating the right content strategy for Facebook Ads.

Coupled with the right content strategy is understanding how the Facebook algorithm itself works. We’ve heard many business owners invest their time, money, and energy in Facebook Ads with little success at all. So we’ve put together the top 3 tips on how to run Facebook Ads the right way and see results in as little as one week if done correctly.

1. Choose The Right Campaign Objective

One of the most important things when setting up a Facebook Ads campaign is to choose the right objective. The campaign objective should primarily be in line with your business goals. For example, if your business is focused on getting website visits, then your Facebook Ads campaign objective should also focus on website traffic.

Matching the objective of your campaign with your business goals is the only way in predicting the success of your campaign. It wouldn’t make sense to choose a campaign objective that doesn’t meet the campaign goals. Similarly, if you’re looking to increase online sales whether you’re an e-commerce business or online retail then you should be optimising for purchases within a conversion objective. Choosing the right campaign objective basically tells the Facebook algorithm that your goals are to get more purchases to increase sales and therefore the Facebook algorithm will rely on the data-driven process to get you these conversions.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

While it may be tempting to think that everyone would be interested in your products and services, not everyone is an ideal audience to target. Instead of expanding your audience, it is more beneficial to narrow down your target audience to the right demographics, gender, age, or interests if applicable. An easy way to narrow down your target audience is to create a customer avatar based on what you offer and the type of customer that is more likely to buy or engage with your business.

When you have a customer avatar identified, it is then you can choose to only serve your ads to customers who are similar to your customer avatar. This is when you would notice an increase in ad engagement and customer acquisition. Another term that is often used along with this is laser-focused targeting where your focus is to target an audience that is more likely to convert to a customer. Once you have your customer avatar and audience narrowed down, it’s time to work on the creatives and the message that you wish to convey to your target audience.

3. Use Thumb-Stopping Creatives & Right Messaging

Thumb-stopping creatives are attention-capturing assets that prompt the audience to stop while scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed. The importance of having thumb-stopping creatives is to enhance the audience’s interests and increase engagement with the ad itself. Basically, we want the audience to be intrigued by the ad and take the desired action. But why is this so important?

With so many businesses transitioning their marketing efforts online, the Facebook Ads marketing platform is essentially filled with digital advertisements trying to reach their target audience. Hence your competitors could be potentially sharing the same target audience as your business. To stand out from your competitors, you’d need to showcase a compelling image or video to grab the target audience’s attention and encourage them to take action. The right creative matched with ad copy is the way to encourage more people to interact with the ad. Just like if you see a funny advertisement on the tv, you would laugh and talk about it with someone. Similarly and on Facebook, the audience would instead directly interact with the ad itself. Therefore, the importance of using a compelling creative that is hard to scroll by is essential in any Facebook Ads campaign success.


For a well-structured Facebook Advertising campaign apply these top 3 tips and let us know if you’ve seen any success in your campaign performance. When implementing Facebook Ads campaigns, it should be thoroughly researched and well thought out for optimal results.

At Lethal we specialise in Facebook Ads strategy that meets your business goals. If you would like a free consultation with one of our digital marketing strategists at Lethal Digital, contact us today to discuss your individual business goals.