Instagram currently has over 1 billion average monthly users. This type of following has prompted many firms to experiment with new ways of communicating with the burgeoning Instagram community. Not only are the numbers significant, but so are the kind of people that use Instagram, which has a significant impact on sales. The majority of Instagrammers are avid buyers!

Why Instagram

Any digital marketing professional would attest to Instagram’s enormous potential as a successful modern marketing tool applicable to all types of organisations. If a company succeeds in publishing the right sorts of images on Instagram, its followers will instantly absorb the marketing message, eliminating the need for any hard-hitting sales presentations. Instagram appeals to customers’ visual sensibilities, making it simpler to capture their attention than word advertising.

Here are four psychological reasons why visual marketing, particularly on Instagram, works best for customers.

1. Process Information Fast

Visuals can be processed by the human brain 60,000 times quicker than text. This is an important consideration when creating any form of advertisement or promotional writing. Most current advertisements are made to be readily understood without using our entire mental capability. In reality, just half of your brainpower is necessary to comprehend pictures properly.

In its most basic form, Instagram is just swiping through visuals quickly while absorbing just enough information to create your own opinion. Understanding the psychology of graphics should transform the way you sell your products and company entirely.

2. Colours Influence Our Emotions

Take 5 minutes or so to scroll through the Instagram feed of any user, and you will notice how almost every product catches your eye instantly. It doesn’t matter if you are browsing your feed or simply scrolling through it; you will always be drawn to specific colours rather than others.

Studies have shown that colours play a very significant role in the human survival instinct and affect our emotions. What we buy seems to be influenced by the colours we see in the advertisement. For example, the colour red tends to make us hungry – so restaurants have started using the colour to market their dishes.

3. Visuals Are Easier to Remember

It is said that the human brain can process visuals more than any other medium, but it is also has a better chance of being stored in the memory longer. This is because the brain is more receptive to visual information.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the example becomes truer when it comes to the marketing world. The more images you use, the better the chances of remembering your brand, product, and all other related information. As of now, most Instagram businesses use an image of a product with a small caption to sell their items.

4. Visuals Can Communicate Better with Consumers

Mere words cannot even come close to the power of visuals when it comes to talking to consumers. You need to realise that people don’t read anymore; instead, they skim the written word. After doing so, they decide whether they like the product or not.

The use of visuals is the biggest differentiator on Instagram between a successful and a mediocre business. The more information and messages you can convey in just one picture, the better chance you have at engaging them. Visuals will amplify every sales pitch you make, creating a better connection with your future customer.


You can tell whether an Instagram account is a professional or personal one by the kind of images they post. Professionals will always be seeking new ways to engage their followers better and increase the conversion rate. To do so, they need to balance the quality of the product versus the images used.

On the other hand, a personal account will post images that align with its interests and the owner’s personality. It is never wrong to invest in professional photography services to take the best photos for your marketing campaign.

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