Ever since the dawn of the commercial era, businesses have relied on word-of-mouth to grow their client base. The strategy was perfect for the small towns where everyone’s word could reach a local business and encourage other customers to try it. 

In the 20th century, people started getting their information from the radio and television. However, it was the Internet that triggered one of the most significant shifts in marketing, business and even our way of life. Now, with the presence of social media, marketing and advertising are boundless, and the Internet enables anyone to communicate with a worldwide audience.

The Importance of Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. It’s not only a great place to get inspiration, follow your favourite artists, and express yourself, but also a powerful advertising platform for businesses. It’s the kind of social media platform that’s perfect for e-commerce.

If you’re looking to improve your business and grow your brand, here are the benefits of advertising on Instagram:

1. Large Still-Growing Community

Instagram was launched in October 2010. Since then, the platform has gained a large user base and has grown to nearly a billion users. It continues to grow, and with Instagram Story and Reels, it will only grow larger. These users are an opportunity to nurture a community for your brand, and when you advertise on Instagram, you’ll be able to reach those who are most likely to relate to your brand.

2. Shopify Integration

You may have heard about Instagram’s Shopify integration, which makes it easier for users to buy products posted on Instagram. It automatically pulls the product feed from your shop and places it directly on your Instagram page. With this feature, you can easily turn your followers into a customer base by allowing them to buy your products without exiting the app. In the world of digital marketing, better chances of converting page visitors into leads and sales are definitely a great benefit.

3. Non-Intrusive Ads

You can be present on Instagram without being in your followers’ faces with sponsored posts and ads. Because of the social media platform’s app-based nature, ads are non-intrusive, meaning that they won’t disrupt the user experience. Online shoppers are used to ads, and they often go unnoticed. With Instagram’s “swipe up to learn more” feature, you won’t have to sacrifice users’ experience to make sales.

4. High Engagement

Instagram has high interaction per post, as well as a high frequency of content posting. Images on Instagram are more appealing than text, and your brand’s content will have an easier time connecting and engaging your audience. The higher your engagement, the better you’ll do with the algorithm.


Instagram is a powerful medium for businesses. It can help you increase your conversion rate, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Instagram is a strong platform for digital marketing, and advertising on Instagram will allow you to reach a global audience while keeping your marketing and advertising costs at a minimum. Give Instagram a chance and see just how far you can take your brand.

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