Launching a website is not enough—you need to have a site that speaks your brand and reflects your business well. Your site acts as your store in the online world. When a customer enters your store, you should be able to get their attention and encourage them to try your products and buy. What you don’t want is for them to feel frustrated and leave.

The way you design your website is the first thing people, potential customers, and prospective business partners would notice. Here are the five crucial elements you should keep an eye on when creating your site.

1. The Web Design

You need a website that captures attention and keeps it. In the cluttered online world, you need a compelling website that looks professional and immediately captures people’s trust. All details—whether it is a font, a colour, or a shape—communicate a message and convey an emotion.

How each item is laid out, and the process of navigation affects the customer experience. That is why hiring an experienced designer to handle your web design is an advantage in itself. A professional web designer knows all the dos and don’ts and what is useful and not.

2. The Responsiveness of Site

People search online not only through their desktops. They have other gadgets like mobile phones and tablets that all have different screen sizes. Make sure that your website is responsive, meaning it adapts to these screen changes.

Having a responsive website guarantees your site’s low bounce rate, higher conversion rates, faster page load, and increased mobile traffic. More people would likely stay on your site when they can view everything in it comfortably, that is without the need to pinch, zoom, or side scroll.

3. Your site’s loading speed

You can get almost everything now in an instant. You get instant replies, access, food, and results via searching for information online. However, this technology advantage also worsens people’s patience.

Now, most people can no longer tolerate waiting due to an internet lag. If your website takes so long to load, then expect to have higher bounce rates. Test your site, and make sure everything loads as fast as they could. You can try reducing the size of your images, upgrading the responsiveness of your website, optimising SEO, enable caching, and minimising your code to give better customer experience.

4. The quality of your content

If you did catch their attention but failed to retain it, then it is still not a good job. You have to ensure that your site is easy in the eyes and brings helpful or entertaining content to your site visitors. A cluttered website and information overload are never advisable.

Clarity also plays an important role. If they visited your site to get specific information and failed to find it, they would end up abandoning your website.

You should also consider adding up exciting content that would make them remember you or revisit your site. Try adding an animated explainer video upfront. It is one way to stand out among sites loaded with texts and images. It also makes learning about your product or your company easier for the site visitor.

5. Your visibility

No matter how perfect your site is, if no one can find you, then it is a wasted effort. For your website to be searchable, you should learn how to work your SEO or search engine optimisation. Besides speeding up your page’s load time, it also helps you rank on search engines page results. All other essential factors mentioned in this article, like your site’s responsiveness, content quality, design, and more are part of the SEO process. You only need to learn how to utilise the right keywords, and you’re off to a good start.


Many factors determine the quality of your website. Now that you know the five critical elements, you have a better chance of creating a site that drives traffic, retains people’s interest, and converts sales.

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