When starting a website, you have two options. You can choose to work with a web designer to create a website that speaks your brand, or choose a free template online to tweak and make yours. In this article, we will tell you the difference between a custom website and a pre-designed template. Which among the two will be more beneficial for your business?

Web Design and Its Web Designers

Web design defines how your website will look.

Given the client’s goal, a professional web designer plans how all the elements found in the site will function. They do not only focus on the visual designing task alone. A web designer spent years learning what styles work for different types of audiences and what kind of design would make users respond according to what the brand wants. Their job involves a lot of tasks, such as:

  • Determining the functionality that the website will have
  • Designing how the menu will operate
  • Ensuring a smooth check-out flow
  • Making sure users will get enough feedback per action they make
  • Understanding the user experience

The website is a massive system of linked pages that work together to give a great user experience, and the web designer acts as the engineer that ensures everything is in order.

Pre-Designed Template and the Chocolate Website Theory

Let us say you have a bar of your favourite chocolate in your hands right now. Examine how it looks. Check how big it is and what its packaging looks like. Check if it has the nutritional stats displayed on its back. Are the details there correct?

Now, imagine another chocolate brand inside the packaging of your favourite chocolate. If you open it and see a different bar of chocolate inside, you probably will feel confused, and maybe a bit annoyed. Clearly, the packaging is also displaying the wrong nutritional value, making everything just improper and unlawful.

That is a metaphor for how pre-designed templates work. If you want to have a website and decided to go for a template website, that makes your business the second chocolate bar. You are trying to squeeze in your brand into a different-looking template, which may leave confusion to your site visitors.

If you have the same packaging as other businesses found online, you will never stand out or wow your customers.

Why Customising Matters

Customised websites, also known as bespoke, is evidently the best way to go if you are planning to have an online site presence. With a design that is tailored-fit to your target audience, you will have more chances for conversion. You will be able to provide them with an experience that is exactly what they want to see and a flow that will guide them to the right actions.

Most clients hesitate to go this route because of the expenses. However, a quality website that works efficiently and effectively takes web designers years of learning, testing, evaluating, and rediscovering. Having a product that can help you achieve your business goals will always be a significant investment.


To get quality customers, the main rule is to give them quality products and services. Your website is one of the products you indirectly offer to them. Your website also works as your advertisement. It is the first thing your potential customers will see, and it is the site they will share with their friends and family. Give them a website that will impress them and leave a mark.

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