Your website is the first place where many people will encounter your brand. Thus, it should make a great first impression, and your website design must “speak” to your customers.

Responding to their pain points and reflecting their tastes should be at the forefront of your to-do list. Here are the three fundamental things that make a compelling website that can reel the visitors in and nudge them to action.

Spend time creating your homepage

Optimise your homepage, since it is the first thing people land on when they visit your site. It provides them with their first look at your business, your messaging, and what value you want to deliver. Even if they come to you from another page—a blog post, for example, or a link from another brand—they will eventually navigate to the homepage.

Therefore, it is necessary to put on this page your mission, goals, and even your business’ values. Communicate what you can bring to them in a way that appeals to their sensibilities. While that might mean different approaches to copy, colour, and aesthetic, there are things about website design that stay consistent.

For example, clear navigation and whitespace are two things people of all demographics appreciate. Persuasive copy is another. When you design your site around your target market’s preferences and prompt their desire for satisfaction, you have a large portion of search engine optimisation down.

Make sure you have no downtime

Ensure that your website is up 24/7. Downtime creates a wrong first impression. A site that appears inactive will drive away customers; it does not matter if you have the best service packages or an excellent white paper on your last project.

This does not mean you have to monitor your website’s activity personally. You can outsource your web administration to a back-end specialist. Offloading this task might even be preferable to you doing website admin yourself.

A contractor has the skills and tools needed to keep a website running. They can help you uncover potential problems and diagnose ones you are currently experiencing. Aside from this, they can also protect your website against attacks and data breaches.

Focus on your audience’s needs and wants

If you keep talking about yourself on your website, people will leave the page. Audiences will not be impressed with an endless list of accolades. What they will like, though, is attention. They will want to keep listening to you if you are genuinely interested in their welfare.

Instead of talking about why you are superior to the competition, put customers at the heart of your business. Frame all your messages to focus on your customers. Offer them solutions, make it easy to find answers, and optimise their experience with you.


The information on your homepage matters a lot in lead conversion. This page serves as your business value proposition, so it benefits you to make it accessible, riveting, and authentic.

An expertly-designed website can show customers who you are and why they should buy your products and services, without being demanding or pushy. It helps you stand out in the right way, and be the go-to in your niche.

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