As a business owner in today’s digitally competitive landscape, you’re most likely familiar with the fact that first impressions, among other things, last longer than they used to.

Compared to the olden days where people had the time to make decisions and weigh out their options long past the first impression, the same initial impact now bears a significant effect. Unfortunately, the advent of consumer convenience means that businesses have a razor-thin margin of error to the point where failing to make the right initial impression will bury your chances of conversion.

Where do first impressions happen?

Generally, first impressions for any online business will always refer to the first page that an audience sees once they enter a website. Regardless if a viewer saw your page from a search result ad, random mention, or social media post, their first impression of your business will always be based on what they first see once they hop onto your website. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved with a simple landing page design because part of giving an impactful first impression involves tackling various details along the way.

Today, first interactions between customers and online businesses take place on the landing pages because they’re the first layer of any site. Once you begin to understand where your first impressions take place, it will become much easier to make the necessary tweaks that will take your business’s marketing efforts to the next level!

Key tips to maximise your landing page’s impact for first impressions

At this point, you may be wondering about how you can tailor your landing page to suit the different criteria that it needs to meet to make the best first impressions possible. With many other websites jumping after the same opportunity to get ahead of the curve with their first impressions, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to do everything to make your website unique.

To best ensure that your landing page has the highest chances of imparting the right effect with any visitor that comes to your site, here are three critical tips consider:

Tip #1: Cultivate your headline

One of the most impactful tweaks that you can perform on your landing page to make it a conversion magnet is to improve your opening line. Contrary to the whole idea of “visitors don’t read the text” that many business owners mistakenly believe in, the truth is that the headline of a landing page is responsible for most chances of making a great first impression. Thankfully, taking the time to draft different options, split testing them, and enlisting an expert copywriter’s services will help set you in the right direction and allow you to make the right impact every time!

Tip #2: Invest in using quality videos and photos

Often synonymous with a strong, compelling headline, the secret to a successful landing page that imparts the right first impression lies in the inclusion of captivating photos and videos in the background. Although such details may not seem like much at first, getting them right in your landing page will lead to a considerable uptake in results and conversions. Once you start using quality materials for your background, you’ll help put potential customers and visitors at ease and convince them that you’re a business worth working with!

Tip #3: Enlist the services of an expert

Creating landing pages that convert is often something that not everyone can just do, which is where an expert’s services come in. Through the help of result-driven experts like Lethal, you’ll be able to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments that lead to the most optimal first impressions without any costly trial-and-error processes!


Among the different tasks and responsibilities that you’ll need to focus on as you cultivate your digital presence, the process of refining your first impressions to be impactful every time is the most vital one. Fortunately, keeping the three tips mentioned above will set you in the right direction and make it far easier to get things done correctly as you make your mark on the online business landscape!

When it comes to tailoring your landing page well enough to produce an impactful first impression, it pays to work with the best website design company in Perth, WA. Thankfully, Lethal’s experts offer solutions that are created around a lead generation strategy to produce a high-converting website for your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!