When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is ever too ideal or certain. The same notion is applied to your brand logo. Your marketing requirements determine the best logo size.

The best logo dimensions you can use depend on the platform’s needs, but a square aspect ratio works well for internet or digital marketing. As such, choose the proper size if you want your logo to look great wherever it is printed.

Read on to discover more about scaling your logo for your marketing needs.

Understanding the Needs of Your Website

Unbranded websites are analogous to governments without flags–it doesn’t make sense! For your website, you should have logos or images for your header or navigation bar, and one for your favicon, which is the icon that appears on browser tabs.

While square logos are popular, the dimensions are different for the different parts of your website. Here’s a guide: 

For horizontal layouts:

  • 250px by 150px
  • 350px by 75px
  • 400px by 100px

For header banners:

  • 160px by 160px

Favicons are incredibly small, yet some website builders may require resizing. The dimensions for favicons are:

  • 16px by 16px
  • 32px by 32px
  • 48px by 48px

Moreover, logo files should not be larger than 200 KB. It is safe to stick to this size in order to reduce load times. At the same time, a logo or image may appear clear on one device or browser but pixelated on another. As such, it is critical to test your logo in desktop and mobile web browsers.

Your Logo for Social Media Platforms

Logos represent your business. Logos serve as social media profiles and cover photographs for businesses.

Because the bulk of social networking apps displays logos as circles, your logo’s focus elements should be in the centre, not the edges or the sides (where they can go unnoticed).


  • Profile picture:  110px by 110px


  • Profile picture: 400px by 400px
  • Cover image: 1500px by 500px


  • Profile picture: 170px by 170px
  • Cover image:  851px by 315px


  • Profile picture:  400px by 400px
  • Personal profile cover image: 1536px by 396px
  • Company profile cover image: 1128px by 191px

It is worth noting that even if your original design is adaptable, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all logo. When a horizontal logo is placed on a square background for a LinkedIn profile photo, it creates an excessive amount of empty space.

Your Email Signature Logo

To appear more professional, you will want to customise your email signature. Email signatures come with logos that are usually placed above or below the names. We suggest the usual Gmail 300-400×70-100 pixel range for the dimensions of an email signature logo with a  file size under 30 KB.


A brand logo is more than just an artwork that is used for display. It’s a tool that helps businesses connect with consumers everywhere. Having a distinct brand logo across all your digital marketing strategies can help you establish your name in the industry.

With that being said, you must understand how important it is to know how to scale your logo for different platforms. Applying such knowledge and best practices shall give you an advantage over other companies. For maximum impact, optimise the design, size, and layout of your logo.

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