The most commonly asked question, do Facebook Ads actually work, and will it work for my business? If you’re on the fence about the effectiveness of utilizing Facebook Ads, then keep reading on.

Facebook Ads, the machine learning algorithm that has come a long way, is a data powerhouse to be reckoned with. Not to mention the benefits of laser-focused audience targeting and being able to precisely reach your customers via social media is mostly favoured by many businesses in this era.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Did you know that there are close to 2.7 billion active Facebook users in the world and that Facebook is the most popular and used social platform? Playing such a large part in connecting people around the globe, there’s a bigger picture of Facebook itself; Facebook for Business.

A platform for businesses to reach and engage with their customers in a modern way. It must be a contemporary way of living, as customers actually love being connected with businesses that they often associate with. This is simply because it creates a sense of personal connection and trustworthiness with businesses.

With 2.7 billion Facebook users worldwide, you could only imagine the abundance of data Facebook has as the Facebook algorithm itself is primarily driven by data. What makes it work so well is that the data stored is so precise that it allows for focused audience targeting. For instance, when a Facebook user interacts with a particular Facebook page, these interactions are recorded and are then stored. This data allows Facebook advertisers to then effectively target their target audience.

Being able to advertise to your target audience is far more beneficial than broad audience targeting as you could be advertising to everyone but you’d burn your budget fast and take longer to reach your business goals. As much as targeting is one of the most important parts of Facebook Ads, it isn’t the only element that determines the success of your Facebook campaign.

The Top Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Create Ads To Cater to Specific Objectives:

The beauty about Facebook Advertising is that it is versatile and can meet any business’ objectives. Whether your business goals are to increase brand awareness, get more leads or increase sales, there’s an option for every goal within Facebook. This allows us to better optimise the ads to get the best results possible for any particular business and something that is powerful in measuring the success of the business goals.

Retarget Customers Who Have Already Engaged with Your Business

Retargeting is an effective way of reconnecting with customers who have already interacted with your business and also people who have interacted but not performed an action you would have otherwise liked them to do, like fill out a form, purchase a product, share your post, and more. Customers who engage with a business more than once are more likely to perform a desired action. Retargeting essentially would allow people to learn more about your business and remember their interactions with you and therefore is a powerful strategy to retain customer interaction. Often retargeting ads, allow customers an incentive such as a discount or such to encourage them to perform an action and this often results in much higher conversion rates.

Reach New People And Find New Customers

The Facebook algorithm is smart in finding new customers who are similar to your current or previous customers. What this means is that people with similar interests are more likely to be associated with similar businesses, products or services and therefore more likely to convert as a customer. Facebook’s effective Lookalike Audience (LLA) targeting is a way to reach new people who are similar to current customers. This is a very effective way to expand your business to new people who would be interested in the products or services that you offer.


It’s an undeniable fact that Facebook Ads can improve business growth. Mastering the fundamentals of running an ad effectively, analysing data, and measuring campaign success is something that should be taken into consideration before starting Facebook Ads. Besides, elements such as creatives, budget, bidding strategy, and more play a massive role in the success of the campaign.

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