With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s crucial to have a strong game plan for this manic holiday season. Having an effective marketing plan is the most important step in approaching Black Friday successfully. Being one of the most anticipated time of the year for massive sales, planning ahead will greatly benefit many businesses.

1. Ensure your checkout process is easy and smooth

A bumpy checkout page creates friction and is not ideal. Imagine when customers are ready to initiate a checkout, but the page loads up slowly or is rather confusing, customers would prefer to leave than wait as they are aware that there is an abundance of sales out there. Avoiding friction is crucial in a customers’ journey as with much competition during this time, customers’ attention span is limited. Furthermore, it’s also critical to ensure that call to action buttons are highly visible to customers to help complete their purchase journey.

2. Ensure your website speed is fast

Relating to the point above, the loading time of your website speed is crucial to avoid a high bounce rate. Bounce rate or exit rate is when customers who visit your website navigate away after viewing the homepage or a page. This may be a sign that the website has not been properly optimised for user experience.

3. Optimise your product page and description

Keywords are important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As Black Friday approaches, customers are likely to be searching for their favourite products and brand for “Black Friday Deals”. It’s important to ensure that your website copy is optimised for the keywords relevant to searches for Black Friday. This will play a large role in the search engines showing your website as a result of popular keyword searches.

A quick tip is to utilise Google Trends to do some research into past Black Friday keyword trends and to find a way to incorporate these keywords into your website. Also utilising appropriate product descriptions copy is essential to boost conversions. For instance, promotional words like “limited offer”, “only one left” or “limited stock” creates a sense of urgency and will encourage customers to make the purchase.

4. Pick the right products

While it may be tempting to get carried away with a storewide sale or all products, it’s important to ensure that profit margins remain stable when doing so. It isn’t worthwhile to sacrifice or cut yourself short for a few extra sales without taking into account the true profit margin, therefore it’s crucial to pick the right product to be displayed for sale.

5. Use all marketing platforms to your advantage

It’s a smart decision to utilise all marketing channels to your advantage. Getting a head start informing existing customers about the upcoming Black Friday sale through email marketing is one way to play smart. In addition to this, a combination of organic posts and paid ads will help new customers boost brand awareness in the coming weeks leading to Black Friday. Sharing updates about the upcoming sale will also help customers engage with your brand more.


Being ahead of time in planning will certainly advance the success of your Black Friday sales goals. Also, seek to look for input and feedback from customers beforehand to ensure that you’re offering the deals that they’d most likely be interested in. Having a checklist of things to be prepared for Black Friday will only make things easier for most business owners, so get planning now and get ready to conquer Black Friday.

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