It’s incredible what the right user base and the appropriate timing can do to a platform. Although Cine and Snapchat followed a similar format, TikTok, infamously known before as, is slowly becoming the fastest-growing social media platforms online. With its compact video content, shareability and accessibility to young and veterans social media enthusiasts, TikTok is a potent medium to develop a strong online presence. For this reason, many brands look to capitalise on this shift to grow their business.

Connecting with a new generation of consumers

TikTok users’ demographic can range between 16 to 24, evolving from a video hosting service for mostly musical covers and content to anything from comedy sketches to informational tips. Since its rebranding in 2018, businesses have been noticing its extreme surge in user base, with over 500 million active monthly users. This makes the platform ripe to open marketing channels that target specific target audiences.

If you plan to leverage TikTok for your business’s marketing campaigns, here are three ways you can utilize the platform to your advantage.

  1. Develop your own content

Two key ingredients that drive TikTok viewerships are entertainment and humour. Since most of its user base is relatively younger, it’s best to develop short skits that are comedic or entertaining. If your company has a cure mascot, it’s best to utilise it for your content.

When done right, Following the latest challenges can give your campaign a considerable amount of online reach. However, you should always be mindful about trying too hard for views. Remember that you should be fun, informal and engaging.

  1. Invite user engagement through hashtags and influencer marketing

Social media influencers are steadily replacing the impact of well-known actors and celebrities as brand ambassadors. This is why many businesses are making sponsorship connections with these influencers to tap into their organic reach. By integrating user-generated content through a social media influencer, you can exponentially expand your marketing campaign ads’ visibility.

Don’t forget to provide valuable incentives for your chosen collaborators or hashtag challenge participants. Doing so will give these users more motivation to engage with your brand and interact with your marketing campaigns.

  1. Utilise TikTok’s advertising features

Like all social media platforms, TikTok allows businesses to pay for ad placements through different formats. You can pay for brand takeovers for ads that appear in-between the flow of user-generated content on a user’s feed. These ads can fit within specific categories that are linkable to your landing pages.

TikTok also hosts sponsored hashtag challenges that can tap into millions of users that allow them to join in on the fun. You can leverage your influencer connections to feature these custom banners to increase your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Finally, you can create a TikTok filter by hosting a branded lens that can come in 2D and 3D format to express your brand creativity uniquely.


Adapting to different digital platforms is necessary if you want your business to thrive. This is why business owners need to familiarise themselves with unique social media marketing trends. TikTok proves itself capable enough to drive considerable numbers to a brand, similar to long-standing networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the right direction, you can master the ins and outs of TikTok marketing, even before a more mainstream wave of marketers discover its true potential.

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