When someone says “simple” web design, it doesn’t always have to mean a minimalist approach aesthetic-wise. This basically means you need to remove any unnecessary elements from your content and design. Yes, most minimalist websites follow this, too, but there are other sites that you wouldn’t call minimalist but still fit the ” simple ” description.

But why exactly is a simple design for a website desirable? Here, Lethal shares some of the reasons:

Simple Websites Are Easier to Navigate

For a new website, you will want all your features to be easily accessible to your audience – especially the primary functions. A simple user interface can achieve this.

A website that is simple will have fewer buttons, boxes, menus, and links to click, allowing a person to have an easy time going through your site. Most of your elements should have a clear, easy-to-understand purpose.

They Load Faster

A simple website will have fewer graphics, multimedia, and scripts. When you have too many of these elements, the website has more data to load, resulting in a longer load time.

Furthermore, a simple website isn’t congested with images. Using images with many colours can also mean that the site takes longer to load.

They’re Quicker to Build and Design

With their simple designs, you can save time on the design and development stages. Most of your website’s elements can be created using a simpler design, so there is no need to create unnecessary complex codes.

As for the development part, you also have less complex features to deal with. If you have too many features and buttons on your website, it will take longer for your developer to develop these.

The Content Becomes More Scannable

When someone visits a new website, they can easily scan for the content they’re looking for within seconds. A lot of web content is either written in a long-form format or scattered across various website elements.

On the other hand, a simple website is composed of fewer pieces of content, making it possible for a visitor to scan the content easily.

They’re Easier to Debug

A simple website is easier to debug. You won’t have to get a lot of complaints from your audience, especially when it comes to bugs and errors.

A simple website is also easy to maintain. You can quickly go through and fix errors and bugs without taking much of your time.

They Require Less Server Space

When your website has fewer data and images to load, it will also take less of your server space. You won’t have to pay so much to host your website.


When it comes to designing a website, you want people to have a positive experience when using it. As a business owner, you must make sure that your website is easy to navigate, load fast, and visually appealing to your audience.

Your website should have a simple design, making it possible to achieve these factors and more. Working with a reputable website design company is crucial to getting the results you want. 

Lethal is an established website design company in Perth that values quality. We have data-driven strategies behind every decision we make in web design  for our clients. Contact us to know how we can help your business!