Do you have a personal training business and want to learn how to generate more qualified traffic to your website and onto your email list?

A lead magnet in its simplest form, is something that attracts customers to your business. When done correctly, your lead magnet will prove to be one of the most beneficial tools in your marketing toolbox.

We will take you through 5 easy steps to creating an effective lead magnet for your personal training business.

Step 1. Identify your niche

As a personal trainer in today’s market, you are always battling to be found among a sea of others online. Research your ideal customer and identify their needs and work out how you can provide a solution to their biggest problem. By tailoring your lead magnet for a specific niche, you can greatly improve your chances of being seen when someone searches, “nutrition coach,” for example.

Some specific niches and their key pain points could be as follows:

Women with young children

  • Low energy
  • Having excess weight
  • Not enough time for self
  • Lack of sleep

Busy Professionals

  • Finding time to exercise
  • Too much screen time
  • Not eating properly/ too many microwave dinners
  • Overworked and stressed out

The best way to gather this information is to speak directly with your target market and understand their struggles. Monitor your facebook groups, listen to customer feedback and you will start to see trends in what your niche is looking for online.

A helpful tool is Google Keyword Planner that allows you to see the trends and search volume for key phrases people are using to look for information online.

Step 2. Identify your value proposition

Once you have identified your niche, what value will you give them? How can your lead magnet solve their problem? The value proposition could be as simple as:

“10 delicious recipes to help you lose extra tummy fat”

You can further optimise this value proposition by giving the customer a time frame to achieve their desired result.

“10 delicious recipes to help you lose extra tummy fat in just 10 days.”

Step 3. Develop your idea and type of Lead Magnet

You have researched your niche and identified your value proposition; now is the time to figure out what kind of Lead Magnet will best appeal to your audience. Don’t over-complicate this step; your lead magnet doesn’t need to be an eBook 100 pages long, or a 6-month course. Keep it simple and remember to concentrate on your customers needs.

For example:

  • Create a list-style resource such as: “10 core stretches you can do anywhere, anytime.”
  • Develop a checklist of tips and tricks
  • Make a short video that solves a specific problem: “Flat Tummy Exercises in 5 Minutes”
  • Give away an eBook that covers one main topic: “4 Week Summer Booty Guide”

Ensure you have a call-to-action in every lead magnet to propel your customer further down your marketing funnel.

Step 4. Designing your content

For any text documents, writing up your content in word and exporting to a PDF file is the simplest way to have an easy lead magnet that can be attached to any email. However, if you want to portray professionalism and incorporate your business branding, a design service is highly recommended. A well- designed eBook tells the customer that you are the authority on a topic, which builds trust and encourages them to return.

If you’re an online PT, chances are you’re already familiar with making videos. You may have already created your lead magnet without even realising! Take it to the next level by uploading as an unlisted video, which you can then embed in emails.

Just always remember the following if you want success from any kind of lead magnet:

  • Does the content solve the problem for my clients?
  • Does the title clearly state that it solves the problem?
  • Does my lead magnet look professional and represents my brand?

Step 5. Take it live!

The next step involves publishing your lead magnet and putting it out there to draw in those leads! Create a landing page on your website where users input their details in order to download your lead magnet. You would have seen these before, perhaps in the form of a popup that asks for your name an email with a link to a free eBook. If you have a WordPress site, there are many plugins available to help automate this process. Turn your lead magnet into a call-to-action (CTA) on your next blog post or place it on your website homepage.

If you don’t have a large email list or social following, there are steps you can take to help people find out about you.

  • Send out an email to your contacts
  • Team up with bloggers or websites that have a following (You can offer to write a guest post about personal training, with a link to your lead magnet.)
  • Look into becoming a podcast guest. Millions of people listen to podcasts every month, with many covering health and fitness. You may already know someone in the biz!
  • Consider spending money on a Facebook ad campaign to promote your lead magnet


If you’re driving traffic to your website, but have no way of capturing your visitors name and email address, you’re basically leaving money on the table! A well executed lead generation strategy will see your sales and conversions go through the roof.

If you would like to discuss how you can increase your sales and qualified leads, click the link below and let’s schedule a call to discuss your individual requirements. Let’s get started – click here.