Is it just us, or does it seem like just yesterday that Frank Green water bottles were the undisputed cool kids on the block? In fact, we just wrote a blog wondering why there was such hype around a water bottle. Little did we know what was to come. All 1.2L of it.

Fast forward a year, and the internet has declared a new hydration champion – the massive 1.2L, handle-touting Stanley Quencher Tumblers. It’s not just about staying hydrated anymore; it’s a full-blown Bottle Battle.

As of 2024, Stanleys have dominated TikTok, the #StanleyTumbler hashtag clocking in over 10 million views in just the past few months.

We’re sure many a parent have baulked at the hefty price tag (about $80 in AUD) and asked the question:

What on earth is the hype about Stanley?

As we discussed in our Frank Green blog post, the truth is that it’s more than just a bottle; it’s a symbol, an aspiration, a membership into a lifestyle. In the grand scheme of consumerism, it’s not about the object, but the meaning attached.

The mix of clever branding, finger-on-the-pulse marketing, and influencer-lead social media acclaim only amplifies this allure, turning a mundane item into a canvas for showcasing a clean, responsible, and well-hydrated lifestyle.

Something as simple as a water bottle suddenly becomes a social statement for what type of person you are. And what extravagant budget you have for hydration equipment.

And to add fuel to the marketing fire? An actual fire.

You may have seen it, the TikTok tale of a woman whose car met an explosive fiery demise, yet her Stanley miraculously survived, and on pulling it out of the ashen wreck, it rattled, still full to the brim with ice.

This video alone would have been an accidental viral marketing masterpiece, but the savvy team at Stanley only worked to amplify this virality.

The viral video was quickly stitched by Stanley’s official account, where they pledged to replace her car and showered her with an arsenal of new Stanleys. A feel-good story absolutely peppered with product marketing.

So what about poor Frank?

You’ll be glad to know Frank Green are not suffering too much. As with all mega trends such as the current Stanley craze, too comes the counterculture and contrarians who refuse to buy into trends, instead opting for the alternatives, of which Frank Green bottles now are.

And just as we postulated in our original blog, Frank Green’s excellent branding and brand story are their backbone. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are two pillars that will never be a passing trend, and are one many people strongly align themselves with; an alignment that transcends TikTok trends.

In the end, the Bottle Battle reveals a deeper truth about our consumer habits and how important branding is when it comes to selling a product.

We’ve got the it-girl Stanley; She’s sleek, she’s trendy, she’s the new must-have accessory to prove you’re wealthy, healthy, and oh-so-hydrated.

Then we have the classic Frank Green. Stylish but not boastful, sturdy but not ugly, the reliable essential that reminds yourself that ultimately, you can be both eco-friendly and cool at the same time.

But ultimately? They’re water bottles. They do the same job, they carry the same liquids. Their branding is where the craze truly stems.

In truth, our obsession with water bottles transcends functionality. It’s about identity, lifestyle, and the narratives we spin around the objects we own. The real question is whether or not you want to spend $80 to spin that fireproof narrative.