Over time, advertising and marketing alike have evolved in many ways. When the internet was introduced, the “game” saw its stakes raised even higher. Many businesses have since seen the value of digital marketing in particular. This includes the likes of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and yes, Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Smartphones are practically essential these days, and it’s led to more people shopping online. At the very least, they do research on the internet about a certain product, service, brand, or even business. Informed decisions are becoming more of a priority as the digital marketplace expands. Social media platforms gained even more of a foothold when the global pandemic hit, essentially putting the world on pause. In order to cope with stay-at-home orders and social distancing, the internet became a safe place for practically everyone. That’s what led to more opportunities with regards to things like influencer marketing and a much wider audience for many brands.

Instagram added over 70 million active users to their base in 2020 alone. Today, their population is at over a billion. Almost 3/4 of Instagram users (around 71 percent) are 35 and under, which is a key demographic for many industries.


A combination of the phrase “instant camera” and the word “telegram”, Instagram first came to light in 2010 for iOS, then a few years later for Android. The mobile app is a photo and video sharing service that has evolved to include even “shops” posts. Your marketing efforts should absolutely include Instagram, especially for brand awareness. The benefits of using Instagram for your business properly include, but are not limited to:

  • Attract visitors to your physical store (if any)
  • Generate clicks for your website
  • More brand visibility
  • Wide audience and reach (hundreds of millions)

However, it’s not as simple as signing up for an Instagram account and posting. Even if you have a working knowledge of hashtags, that still wouldn’t be enough. Did you know, for example, that until you reach a certain follower count, you don’t get to add links to your stories (the “swipe up” feature)? Do you know how to build organic engagement without seeming like a spambot account? This is where an Instagram expert comes in. You will find reliable ones within any reputable digital marketing or social media agency.

Getting an Instagram expert on board is key for businesses, including yours. They will be able to help you make the most of Instagram through the likes of:

  • Bringing their expertise to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy
  • Cost-efficiency in terms of time and other resources
  • Helping to set realistic goals and seeing them through
  • Keeping things stress-free so the business owner can focus elsewhere


Instagram may seem like just another social media platform to advertise on, but used correctly, it can yield major returns on investment (ROI). Considering there are over a billion active users and it’s free to sign up and post, that’s already a great starting point. Hiring an Instagram expert will help enhance your Instagram marketing strategy, be cost-efficient, and help set realistic goals and achieve them.

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