Expanding your brand’s reach organically is a slow and methodical process that promises long-term results. However, this approach isn’t always the most viable, especially during peak seasons for your industry. Unless you’re utilising paid ads, you’ll lag behind competitors raising their marketing efforts during holidays and optimal marketing opportunities.

By leveraging online spaces, companies have more access to diverse marketing channels. This allows them to reach their audience much easier while ensuring a high Return on Investment (ROI). One popular strategy marketers use is the convenience of marketing through social media platforms.

Marketing Myths: The Truth Behind Facebook Ads

Most business owners have a heightened level of expectation when marketing on social media platforms. Although these networks allow brands to connect easier with their target markets, it’s not a foolproof solution. For this reason, it’s vital to understand the myths surrounding Facebook marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll debunk three Facebook marketing myths to guide you should stop listening to.

1. Facebook Ads Are Successful Through Ad Relevance

When using Facebook’s PPC ads, you’ll have access to different metrics to quantify your campaign’s success. One of them will be Facebook ad relevance, which reveals the cost per click of your ad and dictates your chances of being shown through feeds. Generally, high ad relevance should translate to better conversion rates.

Amateur marketers see these numbers and assume that getting a rating of 7-10 out of ten is ideal. However, it’s not the only value you should focus on. The higher its relevance also leads to more costly views. This means you may spend too much on your ads’ visibility without getting the right ROI. If your relevance score is high with little to no conversions, you might be spending too much on a costly ad campaign.

2. Investing in Facebook Ads Lead to Higher Engagement

Although Facebook ads can improve your click-through rates (CTRs), that doesn’t automatically lead to better engagement. It’s easy to get swept by the race to get more followers on your social media business pages. However, you shouldn’t let these numbers blind you on the metrics that matter.

Investing too much in ads to gain greater reach doesn’t translate to better engagement. Instead of relying solely on Facebook ads, reinforce it by turning ad engagers into consistent followers. Sending page invites and engaging with users through posts is a great way to reinforce your brand presence online. This leads to greater page engagement and a higher potential for conversions.

3. Retargeting Campaigns Always Improves Numbers

When your marketing approach isn’t giving the right results, it’s common to utilise retargeting campaigns. This lets you start from the ground up after reevaluating your current strategies. While this can be an effective approach, you shouldn’t overhaul all your campaigns simultaneously.

Some ad campaigns take time to develop and become effective. Moreover, brands typically launch several campaigns at once, so starting from a blank slate on all of them can muddy your statistics. For this reason, you need to make more minor changes instead of doing a total overhaul. Doing so will mitigate your potential losses while reducing inefficiencies in your other marketing efforts.


It’s vital to access the pros and cons of any marketing channel, primarily if you’ll utilise a paid ad campaign on the platform. While Facebook ads have their strengths in reach and visibility, you should still design your ads effectively under the proper parameters. If you’re unsure where to start, you can seek assistance from professionals.

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